Saturday, January 21, 2017

Work Placement In Marketing Week 2

Hi guys, I'm now onto my second week at the placement at the digital marketing company. It's crazy! I'm already on the second week. I'm hoping to learn some more skills that will be important and continue creating blog content and managing social media platforms for the company. This week has gone by pretty fast so let's get into what I did each day.

Day 1
Today was the start of my second week at placement. I started the morning with managing the social media accounts using Hootsuite. After doing this for about 20-30mins, I got bored and moved on to my next task for the day. I was already introduced to MailChimp last week, but today I made two different campaigns to email out to a bunch of subscribers. It was a lot of fun. I created a fun poster image in Canva (I love that site. Note to self: use it more often) and wrote out the email and all. It took up a lot my time, so I did that until late afternoon. After my lunch break, I was told to sort out my LinkedIn page by the director. I've had it set up for a year or so, but I got quite lazy and never actually filled it out to its full capacity, so I did that today. I worked on adding more details about myself and made a couple of connections just before it was around 5 pm which meant time to go home. 

Day 2
I walked in, and everyone was pretty busy and involved in their own work, so I just settled down. I checked the social media platforms and managed to get up a post to Instagram. Then the director showed me how to make connections on LinkedIn and left me to that. I did that for a while until I got bored and moved back to social media management. After my lunch break, I asked if there was a blog post I could write and there was for one of the diamond ring companies. It is hard to write, but I learnt so much by doing research and managed to conjure up a pretty decent blog post.

Day 3
I was so late today. It was scary because the whole point of this placement is to sort of replicate the working world but in a safer environment, I guess? And I was scared because it was the first time I was as late (by half an hour might I add). But it was chilled as usual in this office. The girls literally just thought I wasn't going to come in today. I was, and I am still feeling really ill but no rest for the wicked. I want to do my 3 weeks straight to get it out of the way of other pending things when the second semester of uni starts back up for me in February. For the last 2 hours or so of the morning, I just managed the social media accounts. I even managed to get another picture up on the Instagram page. I'm really trying while I'm here to bring up the Instagram page to a decent standard since it was unused until I started using it. It was kind of chaotic in the office today because there have been some problems with servers or something like that and a load of clients were constantly ringing up. Luckily for me, I didn't have to answer any phone calls because that would've been terrifying. Just before lunch, I started working on another blog post for a balustrade company which is the first time I'd even heard of that term, but it's essentially to do with stairs. So I mainly worked on that before and after lunch because I didn't want to be a nuisance when there were already problems the team were trying to solve. I was supposed to do an email for that same balustrade company, but I never got around to doing it, so I just ended my day with more social media management.

Day 4
I started the day earlier than before. Well technically I started for 10 am, but I had a small task to do before I got to work at the office. In the evening today, there was going to be an opening of a new pub, so I was told to grab some photos of it since it was on the same road my bus went from. So once I got to the office, I spent my morning doing social media management using Hootsuite. Maybe before lunch or after (I can't really remember) I got around to doing an email for that balustrade company. So I used canva to create a cool image, and I wrote out an email to explain the new blog post and even sent it off. I then later spent the rest of the day doing social media expect it was for the stairs company I did the blog post for the day before. I used Tweetdeck and Hootsuite to schedule content for the current week and next week. I did this for Twitter and LinkedIn this afternoon and didn't finish it since Hootsuite kind of crashed on me. Today was somewhat chilled. My primary focus was social media, and I didn't mind it at all.

Day 5
The first thing I did was to complete the remaining scheduling for the LinkedIn posts I was doing yesterday before Hootsuite crashed. The director asked if I could go out and take more pictures around the Jewellery Quarter and note down any new shops that may have opened up or just might not be on the website. The sun was out for once so it would mean I could get some pretty decent pictures but it was still cold, so I said I'd go in the afternoon. Once I was done scheduling stuff on social media, I decided to head out around 12 pm, and I stayed out for an hour, taking pictures of different shops or cool looking things and also noting down shops that looked new, etc. It was real cold, but since the sun was out, I had the best lighting to take pictures. Here are some of my favourites:

Once I got back to the office, I was starving, so I took my lunch break. At some point during the day, I got pretty ill. I felt a cold overpowering me, and it was a shitty feeling, but hey, in the workforce, you have to continue working so I did. One of the girls did keep checking up on me which was nice. After lunch, I posted one of the pictures above to Instagram and then was interacting on there too with other accounts. I then spent the rest of the afternoon on social media once again. 

All in all, this week has been good. I ended the week by going out to eat with the girls from the office which was fantastic and so much fun. We went to a vegetarian cafe called Warehouse Cafe, and I chose to eat the 'fish' and chips which were fried halloumi cheese with chunky chips. It was delicious, and I enjoyed spending some time with them outside of the office. So yeah, I really have loved this week. I've learnt more, and I like to think I'm going to apply it to my own business that is Iqra Arshad which will help me market my content and all. 

Next week is my last week there, and I'm already dreading it being the last week because I've loved it. Stay tuned for next week's post. Hope you all enjoyed this one and I shall talk to you guys soon xoxo