Friday, January 13, 2017

Work Placement In Marketing Week 1

Hi guys, how are you all doing? I'm doing this post because I am currently on work placement for university. I really wanted a way to write down all my thoughts to remember and also because this work placement thing is an actual assignment that I have to pass. I want to remember stuff that happened so I can discuss it in my reflection portfolio. I thought, well, I already have this space so why not use it because 1) it will help me and 2) it will provide some insight for anyone who is interested in the same industry as me.

I should probably tell you what my placement is right? Well, I have to complete 100 hours of unpaid work placement which roughly works out to 2 and a half (maybe 3) weeks since I am doing 10am-5pm Monday to Friday. I don't really want to give too much away about the company I'm working with because obviously privacy protection and all that. I will tell you that it is based in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter which has loads of business offices and a bunch of restaurants and what not. A truly beautiful area of the city which I had never really been to before. I am working with a social media marketing company, and I'm mainly working under the director himself and two wonderful ladies; one manages all things social media and the other deals with content creation but then again, they are both fluid and work on different things too. Both of these areas are something I was familiar with due to blogging and doing YouTube but I wanted to understand them better according to the industry, so I decided on this place. I was lucky to get a response from the company because a lot of the ones I had contacted didn't get back to me and I was desperately running out of time to submit the form which explained where you were doing your placement. Luckily, the director was the nicest guy ever and offered to allow me to complete my 100 hours here.

Now onto the reflection. I will have 3 posts as in 3 weeks of placement so let's begin with week 1!

Day 1
I was so nervous before walking in but I was literally nervous for no reason. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. And I got along instantly with the women there because we literally connected over makeup. Best thing ever in my opinion! My job was pretty tedious after a while because all I was doing was inputting some data onto the website I was working on for them but still I enjoyed it because the company was great. It's such a chilled out office, and I felt like I belonged from the get-go. I'm actually pretty excited to see what happens tomorrow.

Day 2
I pretty much did a similar task to yesterday. I had to look at all the data instead of just one category of it so it basically took up my full 7 hours that I was there. I had a chilled day again. I got chatting with one of the girls who is interning at the company, and she's so cool. She's Italian, and she's been in the UK since she was 16, but she's definitely still got her awesome accent. She's also vegan, which was pretty cool to discover and talk about. I had fun discussing random stuff with her while the director and one of the other girls who I'm working under had to go off to a meeting. I finished my task of all the data of the companies, so the director said he'll have to find me another job to do tomorrow. To be honest, I quite liked organising all the data of the businesses on the system because I am obsessed with organisation and all, so I found it oddly therapeutic.

Day 3
Today was amazing. The director was out of the office because of meetings, so there was only 3 of us in there today. We were literally listening to some awesome music while working on our own individual tasks. I started the morning with some email stuff. I was told to use MailChimp which is known to be used for email marketing. I'd heard of it before and considered using it myself but never got around to trying it out, so I did today. I created some lists of contacts, dividing the businesses from the shoppers who subscribed the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter website. Surprisingly, it was fairly straightforward, and I'm considering using it myself now. Then I went on to something exciting. I got to write my first blog post on the BJQ website. I'll be honest, it was kind of boring because it's not my usual blogging style, but I found something interesting about museums funding cuts and linked it to a museum in the BJQ and then, I had a blog post. It took me a good 3-4 hours to write out (gah, so ashamed, I can normally write one easily in an hour) but it was cool because it was the only task I had to do so I could take my time with it. The woman in charge of social media checked it over for me, and she loved it. She's going to show it to the director tomorrow morning, and it should go live on the website hopefully, how exciting! I have no idea what I'm going to be doing tomorrow but I guess we'll have to wait and see haha.

Day 4
My tasks for today were to manage social media accounts for the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter so basically the Facebook and Twitter pages. The company I'm doing my placement with use this online software called Hootsuite which is so cool. It allows you to manage around 3 social media accounts (I think you can get more if you upgrade to a paid version) and schedule content so you are active on social media. It was my first time using this software but it was so simple and I kind of want to use it myself so I always have content going up on my Twitter and Instagram accounts. So I scheduled some a few posts on Facebook for the next few days and then also scheduled tweets and was retweeting stuff that was relevant. After a couple of hours it got a bit boring though so for the last hour or two, I was told to write a blog post for a security website which was quite difficult because well, I don't have a clue about CCTV and security systems so I never managed to finish it. I'll have to do it first thing tomorrow morning. All in all, good day today.

Day 5
It was snowing in Birmingham today! Well, only for a small while but it still remained really cold outside and today I was supposed to wander around the JQ and take pictures of shops etc. I did do it eventually but I left it till midday when the sun would be out a little more. So for the morning, I finished the blog post from the day before. It took me a while but I got there eventually haha. Then at around 12 pm, I headed out to take photos for Instagram. It was cold and windy but I got some really pretty pictures. My favourites are the ones I took of St. Paul's Church. And lastly, I was on Hootsuite again managing the social media accounts.

Overall, I've had a pretty good first week. I've really enjoyed it so far. One thing I've learnt though is that if I am going to be doing digital marketing as a career within the next few years, I better start getting used to staring at a computer screen for 7+ hours. My eyes hurt so much at the end of each day, and I've been having pretty bad headaches. Even now as I type, my head is hurting a little. I would've thought I'd be used to staring at a screen considering I stare at my laptop for so many hours in the day, but maybe when I'm at uni or home, I have a sufficient amount of breaks or maybe because I'm multi-tasking? I'm not too sure, but I'll have to get used to that for sure. 

I hope you all stick around for the next 2 blog posts on my progress with my work placement. After those 2 posts, we shall get back to some of my regular content. Talk you guys soon xoxo

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