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Be... By Bubzbeauty & BHCosmetics Palette Review

Hi guys, it's been a while since I've put a post. I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and the holidays and had an awesome new years eve/day. This is my first post of the new year and I couldn't be more excited! You can probably see there have been a few changes around here. I hope you all like the new look of this site, I tried really hard to make this blog look clean and minimalistic. Anyone who's been around long enough knows that my blog has been extremely bright coloured in the past. So now it's clean and I hope you all like this look. So to begin my journey with this newly vamped-up blog, my first post is a makeup related post on a palette I was so excited to buy and I'm incredibly glad I bought it. This post is going to be my first impressions of the Bubzbeauty (Lindy Tsang) and BHCosmetics collaboration.

Firstly I'm going to discuss the packaging. I love the blush pink tone of the outer packaging but I will say now that it is pretty much cardboard packaging. It is definitely sturdy though and I know it's common for BHCosmetics to do cardboard type of packaging. It has some really pretty gold foiled design on the front which is really simple but elegant. Very much screams Bubzbeauty to me! The inside is similar in terms of the colours being blushed pink and gold foil. There's a lovely quote at the top above the mirror which you can't see very well in the picture below but it says 'Be whatever you want to be - Bubbi...'

So inside the palette, we have 12 colours which range from mattes to shimmers. Below you can see the shot of them. We have Happy, Grateful, Genuine, Optimistic, Inspired, Bold, Charismatic, Thoughtful, Able, Confident, Hopeful and Kind. I really like the names of the shadows and they completely reflect Lindy's positive attitude to life. I'll have some individual swatches below so you can see and read my opinions of each of the shadows.

To begin the swatches, I did full arm swatches on my hairy arms (don't mind, it's winter now so the hair is very much needed for insulation!). I did the full row of shadows so that's 6 shadows in each picture. As you can see some show up on my skin better than others and some don't necessarily (Optimistic, we're looking at you, buddy!) but it's all good because I was expecting that when I bought the palette. I think I definitely have some personal favourite shadows which I love and use regularly since I took the pictures for this post.

My favourite colours are definitely in the second row of shadows because there's some nice glittery/shimmery bronze and gold shadows and then we have Confident which comes up almost like a burnt plum colour on my skin which is such a beautiful colour for defining the crease. And my gosh, Able is such a pretty lid colour which I have been using a lot lately. But before I get carried away telling you guys my favourites here, let's move down a bit and show you the individual swatches and tell you what I think of them.

Happy is a shimmery white shade which isn't as shimmery as it looks. It looks like it possibly has micro glitter flecks in it but I think the shadow would be classed as a satin shadow. It doesn't show up that bright on my skin unless you layer it which is what I did for the swatch. I like that it doesn't show up that well because it means I can use it as a subtle brow/inner corner highlight since I don't generally like to use a brighter colour for a highlight on the eyes.

Grateful is an almost light pinky shade but it looks like it might have some grey-ish undertones to it because it can look like taupe in some lighting. Again, another shadow that definitely has specks of glitter in it but nonetheless it is a pretty shadow. It doesn't show up greatly on my skin so I tend to use this as another highlight shade. 

Now Genuine is definitely a taupe shade. If you are unsure what taupe is, to me it usually means a shadow that looks somewhat purple but also grey too. Another shadow that has specks of glitter in it but on this one, the glitter is so tiny, the shadow looks somewhat satin on the lids. It can need some building up but if you use a dense packing shadow brush, the colour builds effortlessly.  

As you can see, Optimistic is non-existent on my skin! However, it isn't completely useless. For me, it works perfectly to set primer or to just use as a base across the whole eyelid space. On fairer skin tones, I can definitely see this being a really pretty and effortless crease colour. 

Next, we have Inspired. I love this shade! It's pretty much your basic deep brown shade but I always love eyeshadows like this because hello? Versatility. I tend to use it to darken up the crease or to line the lower lash line but I feel like if you had lighter coloured hair than I do, you could totally use it to fill in your brows too! The texture of this shadow is buttery but that's the case for most of these and the intensity of it can be built up. The swatch is 2-3 light layers but I have gotten it to be a lot more intense before. 

This shade is Bold. To me, this shade is essentially a darker version of Genuine. Although it is similar to the other shade, I like it because when I feel like doing a purple eye look. It has the perfect amount of shimmer in it which makes it a pretty shade for the lid. It does need a bit of building up but if you don't mind, then it's a great shadow to use.

Charismatic is a very much loved shadow. Just now as I'm writing this, I'm looking at the palette and this is the most used out of all of them haha. I love this mainly because it's a gold shadow and I have a special place in my heart for shadows like this because I use them a lot. It's glittery and a brilliant lid colour. It can be built up or used subtly if preferred. I personally like to use a flat shader brush which has been damped with some setting spray because it makes the shadow a lot easy to glide on easier but it works well either way!

Now we have Thoughtful. This is a bronze shadow which unfortunately I don't use that often but it is very pretty. I can imagine this working perfectly if you were going for a warm look for your eyes. You'd probably have to use an additional palette because for me, I don't think many of the shadows in this palette work well with this specific shadow. It builds up really well so it's a great shadow in my opinion.

Able is kind of similar to Charismatic in the way it is a gold shadow. But don't be fooled! It is still different from it. Able is more of chunky glittery gold. It is really pretty when you want a glittery eye look but don't want to use loose glitter because let's be honest, loose glitter is a pain in the ass to apply and get rid off. It's not too glittery to the point where it can look tacky though, it has the perfect balance of colour and glitter.

Confident is a nice matte plum/purple shade. I love this for darkening up the crease whenever I want something different than your basic brown or black. It also works great when I am doing a purple eye look. Doesn't get used that often by me though because I don't wear purples on my eyes as much as I used to. It's still a buildable easy shade nonetheless. 

If you are someone who thought Happy wasn't bright enough to use an inner corner/browbone highlight, then do not fear! We have Hopeful to fill those shoes for us. This shadow is a beautiful, iridescent white which is perfect for highlighting or using on the lid if you want a bright-eyed look. I love how pigmented it is and it's one of the few shadows that really do show up well on my darker skin tone without having to layer it up too much. 

The last shade in this palette is Kind. I love how pretty looking this shadow is, it's an iridescent shimmery purple colour. I haven't had the chance to use it all that much yet but I love the consistency of it and how easy it is to build up and blend out. It's not too dramatic so it's perfect for those who like a small amount of colour. 

That is the end of the swatches. Hope that wasn't too long of a read but I wanted to review each shade as best as I could. Next, I will show you a few pictures of a look I created uses specifically only shadows from this palette. 

So for this look, I used Optimistic as a base all over the lid up to the browbone. Then I used both Charismatic and Able on my lid because I couldn't choose between both of them. I started with Charismatic then added a bit of Able to add a touch of glitter. I then took some of Thoughtful and used it on the outer corner to add some depth. I also went in with some Inspired to blend out Thoughtful and added it lightly into the crease. And lastly, I used Hopeful on my inner corner. I decided to not use it on the browbone because, well I had bushy brows haha. 

This was one of the most basic looks I've done with the palette but it's the only one I've taken good quality pictures of so hope you don't mind that it's simple. I will be doing a tutorial on my YouTube channel soon so do check it out if you want to see another look using this palette. 

Overall, I really do like this palette. I feel Bubz did a good job with this alongside BHCosmetics. It's really good value for money because it is currently priced at $12.50 which is roughly £10. For thr amount of shadows you get, the price is perfect for someone on a budget. I knew I was going to buy it regardless of the price because I've been following Bubz for roughly 7-8 years and I see her like a big sister I don't have. I like the names she choose because it totally reflects her positive outlook to life. I like to think the names will serve as a reminder whenever I use the palette. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. I can't wait to be more active on here this year. Do remember to leave me comments and any suggestions you may have. Talk to you guys soon xoxo

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