Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hi my beauties, welcome back to my blog. This will be a quick post to address some changes that will be made in 2015. I feel you may have noticed some changes have been made over the last few days, the biggest being the name of this blog. I am now known as Beauty Fashion Nerd because I'm into beauty and fashion and I'm a nerd! In the next few weeks, you will notice some changes to the design of the blog as I am trying to "up my game" a little and make things more user friendly for you guys. I hope you will like the design changes I will make.

From now on I will be, hopefully, posting content on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I also wanted to add that from now on I will not be apologizing if I don't upload a post. It's taken me a while to understand this but if I'm not in the mood to post or don't have anything to share, then I shouldn't feel obliged to do so because it will just result in you beauties having something rubbish to read. I will try to post more frequently, but I won't make any false promises. I am in my last few months of college and I'm preparing for university so education will always come first.

Lastly to end this off, I have had an amazing 2014 with many memories, some being the incredible number of views I've reached on this blog and my YouTube and hitting my 3rd year of blogging just in November! So I honestly cannot wait for 2015 and what it will hold for me in terms of my blog, YouTube, education and just my life in general.

I want you guys to be more involved so I have created a little "end of year survey/review" and I was wondering if you could answer. All you have to do is click on the picture below and it should redirect you to it. It will honestly not take that long at all, it's only 10 questions and they are all multiple choice ones too! So I hope you will answer it so I can improve as a blogger in 2015.

I hope your 2014 has been as amazing as mine and if it wasn't, chin up beautiful and have an awesome 2015!! I shall talk to you guys real soon xoxo

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