Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lush Experience

Hi guys, so some time last week I walked into a Lush store after ages. I literally haven't purchased anything from there in about a year or two and back then I only used to buy the Cupcake Face Mask. I hear all about the bath bombs all the time, they are raved about hugely in the beauty community, but I have never tried them. Since I really wanted to buy the Bubblegum Lip Scrub, I also decided to look at some of the bath bombs and finally chose the one below. (Just for the heads up, quality of pictures isn't great since I used my mobile because I don't currently have my digital camera on me)

So this is the bath bomb, Dragon's Egg. It has a very fresh lemon type of smell. I'm not too keen on extremely sweet smells so this one was perfect for me. Now if you look at it, it does look kind of plain and I'm not going to lie, don't expect anything too extravagant. However, the specks of colour you see, do dissolve in the water and become this sort of gel like consistency which was also still soapy so no idea what was up there but meh I still liked it nonetheless. Ooooh and the smell, damn does this have lasting power or what?! I still smelt lemony after 2-3 of using it, so impressed!

 Now this photo isn't the clearest but you can kind of see that it is fizzing. It basically just turned the water and nice frothy white colour until later when I was shocked. I never got a snap of it, I wish I had, but the bomb started fizzing and oozing out this burnt orange looking stuff. No clue what it was but it smelt nice so it made me happy.
     So yeah that's basically my first official experience with Lush after a good year or so. I am for sure going back and I'm going to try some of the "most raved" bath bombs etc.

Before I round up, I just want to use this time to promote a campaign that one of my friends is doing. Her name is Dominika and she has beautiful long hair which she is going to cut off to give to Little Princess Trust but she is trying to raise money too so her granddad can have a prosthetic leg made. There are more details on the website, link below, but I would really appreciate it if you at least read what is on the website and pass it on to people you know can donate, if you are unable to!

So that is all for now and I shall talk to you guys real sooooon :) xoxo


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