Thursday, March 06, 2014

I haven't died, don't stress!!

Hi guys, just some late night blogging since I'm having terrible insomnia right now. I'm so sorry for my disappearance but I'm still alive, don't fret!

I've literally been so stressed. The 'school year' in a sense, has already gone well ahead and so many stressful events. Re-takes of exams and I've got a monologue performance for drama tomorrow, eep scared much!

So yeah it has basically been hectic. There's not really any structure to this post considering its going to be 2am in about 15mins or so but just thought I'd kill some time by letting you all know I haven't died and that I'm still going to blog soon, hopefully.

Unfortunately I can't record videos at the moment since my aunty borrowed my camera so YouTube is at a stand-still too. But hopefully, everything will be back on track soon hopefully.
So erm that's all really. Hope to talk to you guys real soon :) xoxo

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