Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hi my beauties, welcome back to my blog. This will be a quick post to address some changes that will be made in 2015. I feel you may have noticed some changes have been made over the last few days, the biggest being the name of this blog. I am now known as Beauty Fashion Nerd because I'm into beauty and fashion and I'm a nerd! In the next few weeks, you will notice some changes to the design of the blog as I am trying to "up my game" a little and make things more user friendly for you guys. I hope you will like the design changes I will make.

From now on I will be, hopefully, posting content on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I also wanted to add that from now on I will not be apologizing if I don't upload a post. It's taken me a while to understand this but if I'm not in the mood to post or don't have anything to share, then I shouldn't feel obliged to do so because it will just result in you beauties having something rubbish to read. I will try to post more frequently, but I won't make any false promises. I am in my last few months of college and I'm preparing for university so education will always come first.

Lastly to end this off, I have had an amazing 2014 with many memories, some being the incredible number of views I've reached on this blog and my YouTube and hitting my 3rd year of blogging just in November! So I honestly cannot wait for 2015 and what it will hold for me in terms of my blog, YouTube, education and just my life in general.

I want you guys to be more involved so I have created a little "end of year survey/review" and I was wondering if you could answer. All you have to do is click on the picture below and it should redirect you to it. It will honestly not take that long at all, it's only 10 questions and they are all multiple choice ones too! So I hope you will answer it so I can improve as a blogger in 2015.

I hope your 2014 has been as amazing as mine and if it wasn't, chin up beautiful and have an awesome 2015!! I shall talk to you guys real soon xoxo

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Autumn/Fall Makeup

Firstly I just wanted to say that Music Mondays won't be every Monday as it will be hard for me to keep up with it so I will pick and choose Mondays if I feel I have something musical to discuss. Thank you all
Hi all, welcome back. Today I have something beauty related to share with you. So I posted a video today on my go-to fall makeup which I absoulutely adore (I kind of just made it up as I went along & I love the way it turned out) and I'm really happy with. I decided I'd post a few more pictures here since I could only include a few into the actual video.

For anyone who hasn't yet seen the video here it is below:

I also decided to give the list of products here too, just in case you don't want to see the video but want to know what products I used.

Here are the products:
- Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Deep & Dark:

- Jerome Alexander Magic Minersls Powder:

- Sleek Eyebrow Kit in Dark:

- ELF Eyelid Primer in Sheer:

- Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in Deep Wine:

- Sleek Contour Kit in Medium:

- Avon Ideal Luminous Shimmer Block:

- MAC Mineralize SkinFinish in Soft and Gentle:

- Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Hot Spice:

- Avon Ultra Glimmersticks Lip Liner in Deep Plum:

- Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick in Vixen:

- Avon Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick in Power Plum:

So now I will insert some pictures so I hope you like them :)

So guys, I hope you have enjoyed this and if you didn't, I'm sorry I'll try harder next time. But yeah, I shall talk to you guys again real soon :) xoxo

Monday, September 29, 2014

Music Mondays Appears Again?!

Hi my wonderful readers, I am back, after a week or something (I'm sorry, I don't quite remember how long exactly) and I decided hey what ever happened to my music posts? So I thought, maybe I should start "Music Mondays" again, that way you guys will always have a post at least once a week and obviously additional posts throughout the week.

I'm going to mention about 2-3 favourites at the moment. The first being Sam Smith. I mean, I've always loved his sheer talent and that beautiful voice of his. I love a lot of his songs but at the moment I have been absolutely adoring "Latch". Now the video below is actually a remix that is quite popular. It's the Disclosure remix and it's actually how I first song and so I decided to slot it in. I've really been into techno/house type music lately so I managed to stumble onto this, realise the vocals are Sam Smith and then heard the original and was in awe of his talent. Do check it out, both the original and the remix are amazing!

Next is another "boy group" and as you all may know from my previous music posts, I have a certain soft spot for groups of heavenly voiced guys. This here is IM5.

Time for names! Left to right: Will, Dana, Gabe, Dalton and Cole.

Now I will tell you guys now, unfortunately Dalton has left the group to reunite with his old "rock" (I think) band called Fly Away Hero. I guess he kind of got bored of the pop and wanted to go back to where his heart belongs. So the new member is David (who looks a lot like Gabe) but meh, I don't know why but I'm not that fond of him but yeah. And below is a mash up they did of the best 2013 songs.

And that is all I have for this week. If anyone has any type of music for me to review etc, let me know and now I shall talk to you guys real soon :) xoxo

Friday, September 19, 2014

New Lipsticks!

Hi guys, I'm sorry it's been a while again but today I decided to write a beauty post, since I haven't in a while. I went to Superdrug (a drugstore in the UK) to buy new dry shampoo and saw bargain priced lipsticks for £1 each. The brands were MUA and Revolution and I knew I had to grab some so I got 1 from MUA and 2 from Revolution. So I shall be doing some swatches and first impressions of them today!

So the first one is called Rebel With Cause by Revolution
Initially, I thought "Oh god this isn't going to be very pigmented" because when I swatched it on my hand with one swipe, it was quite sheer. But once I put it on my lips, I fell in love. The texture is perfectly smooth and so far it is one of few lipsticks that don't feel drying on my lips without the use of a lip balm. I shall even insert a picture here of how it looked on me because I loved it so much that I wore it out, when I literally only went out to go shopping with my mom haha.
As you can see from this picture and the lip swatch above, the colour is quite bright but I still see it as a "Vamp" colour in some ways. It is a lot brighter than how it looks in the bullet which is what shocked me but I was pleasantly shocked. 

The next lipstick is 100% Vamp also from Revolution. 
Now in the bullet, it looks pretty much like a black lipstick but once it's on your lips, it has more of a black cherry vibe to it. Now this one, I didn't like as much just because it took around 2-3 coats to get it to the colour in the lip swatch. But it is still a pretty colour and I do see myself hopefully wearing it once Autumn hits us a bit more. 

The last one is Wild Berry from Make Up Academy.
This is a matte lipstick and it was the most problematic out of the three. I don't typically have issues with mattes as long as my lips are smooth! And for once, they were yet I don't know why it didn't glide on the smoothest nor did it feel all that nice. So I don't know how often I'll be wearing it but it is a really nice colour so I hope I can get used to the way it feels.

And that is all for today my beauties. I hope you enjoyed this post and do let me know if you like these kind of posts but for now, I bid you goodnight (or good morning or good afternoon). Talk to you all soon :) xoxo

Friday, August 22, 2014

End Of Summer...

Hi all, wow it's been so long that I can't even remember how to introduce the post so I'll just get straight into it. Just for a heads up, it may be a bit "rambly" and all over the place.

It is soon to be the end of summer and I haven't talked to you guys in forever. I was planning on doing a "Schools Out" type of post but being typical me, I forgot. But anyways, how are you all doing? I know I've thoroughly enjoyed my long summer break.

I'm guessing most of you got results this summer too. I got my A-level results and let's just say I failed the one subject I knew I was going to, Biology. But I'm happy because the rest of my subjects I did really good in and I think I'm all set for my final year in college and then onto University I go! I hope everyone got the results they were hoping for and if you didn't, stop stressing and remember it is not the end of the world. You can still succeed and do well in life even if you fail a few exams here and there. You just have to remember to work harder in the upcoming school year. I know I am going to work hard, I want A's and B's next year so badly.

Also any of my viewers who watch my videos, sorry I've been AWOL. I've had issues with the battery in my laptop. Every time I tried rendering a video, my laptop would turn off by itself. But my dad got me a new battery today so my laptop is in perfect condition now. I'm currently scheduling a few videos as I type too.

So guys, that is all I have to say as far as I remember. I hope you've all had an amazing summer and let's bring on the new school year! Talk to you guys soon :) xoxo

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm Very Sorry...

Hi guys, I'm so sorry I've been away for so long, it's just exam season has been coming coming up and it has finally dawned upon me. These past few months leading to the end of May, has been me concentrating solely on my college work, revision and getting on track with my studies (as I was falling behind in Biology).

So my first exam (I only have 3 official sit-down written type exams) is on the 16th so the coming Friday. It's a English Language & Literature exam and it's like 2 hours and 30 minutes long which is kind of stressing me out but once it is over I can concentrate on my 2 final exams, he 2 biology exams!

In simple terms, what I'm saying is that I will still have a lot of work up my sleeve until the end of June I think. So again, I'm very sorry but I thought I should let all my wonderful readers where I have been.

Thank you for continuously supporting me and reading this and I shall talk to you some time soon :) xoxo

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lush Experience

Hi guys, so some time last week I walked into a Lush store after ages. I literally haven't purchased anything from there in about a year or two and back then I only used to buy the Cupcake Face Mask. I hear all about the bath bombs all the time, they are raved about hugely in the beauty community, but I have never tried them. Since I really wanted to buy the Bubblegum Lip Scrub, I also decided to look at some of the bath bombs and finally chose the one below. (Just for the heads up, quality of pictures isn't great since I used my mobile because I don't currently have my digital camera on me)

So this is the bath bomb, Dragon's Egg. It has a very fresh lemon type of smell. I'm not too keen on extremely sweet smells so this one was perfect for me. Now if you look at it, it does look kind of plain and I'm not going to lie, don't expect anything too extravagant. However, the specks of colour you see, do dissolve in the water and become this sort of gel like consistency which was also still soapy so no idea what was up there but meh I still liked it nonetheless. Ooooh and the smell, damn does this have lasting power or what?! I still smelt lemony after 2-3 of using it, so impressed!

 Now this photo isn't the clearest but you can kind of see that it is fizzing. It basically just turned the water and nice frothy white colour until later when I was shocked. I never got a snap of it, I wish I had, but the bomb started fizzing and oozing out this burnt orange looking stuff. No clue what it was but it smelt nice so it made me happy.
     So yeah that's basically my first official experience with Lush after a good year or so. I am for sure going back and I'm going to try some of the "most raved" bath bombs etc.

Before I round up, I just want to use this time to promote a campaign that one of my friends is doing. Her name is Dominika and she has beautiful long hair which she is going to cut off to give to Little Princess Trust but she is trying to raise money too so her granddad can have a prosthetic leg made. There are more details on the website, link below, but I would really appreciate it if you at least read what is on the website and pass it on to people you know can donate, if you are unable to!

So that is all for now and I shall talk to you guys real sooooon :) xoxo


Sunday, March 09, 2014

Mission Monologue Complete...

Hey guys I'm baaaaack!

I've had a really good day and I'm having a well deserved rest today instead of doing college work. So if any of you remember in the early hours of Thursday, when I couldn't sleep, I wrote a post and mentioned that today I had to perform a monologue, kind of like a character's long speech

Update on 08/03/14 @21:47
Terribly sorry, I think I was watching Gossip Girl and had this open in another tab, must have fallen asleep. But basically I was saying a monologue is a character's long speech in a play and I had an examination for that yesterday. And so like I was really stressed out! I was honestly a bag of nerves. But all the hard graft I put into it for months was good because when it was my turn to go up and perform suddenly all the nerves vanished and I think/hope I did pretty good.

But yes I just wanted to tell you guys that I had that exam and that well I'm hoping I did well enough. I feel I will know my lines for this for years since it took me so long to perfect them. If you ever see me in the streets, just shout to me "Emily, Our Town, Monologue, GOOOO!!" hahaha.

Anyways that is all for now, so talk to you guys real soon :) xoxo

Thursday, March 06, 2014

I haven't died, don't stress!!

Hi guys, just some late night blogging since I'm having terrible insomnia right now. I'm so sorry for my disappearance but I'm still alive, don't fret!

I've literally been so stressed. The 'school year' in a sense, has already gone well ahead and so many stressful events. Re-takes of exams and I've got a monologue performance for drama tomorrow, eep scared much!

So yeah it has basically been hectic. There's not really any structure to this post considering its going to be 2am in about 15mins or so but just thought I'd kill some time by letting you all know I haven't died and that I'm still going to blog soon, hopefully.

Unfortunately I can't record videos at the moment since my aunty borrowed my camera so YouTube is at a stand-still too. But hopefully, everything will be back on track soon hopefully.
So erm that's all really. Hope to talk to you guys real soon :) xoxo

Monday, January 13, 2014

What's been happening?

Hey guys, how's it going? Me personally, I'm stressed because as I am typing this I am thinking about my Biology exam I have tomorrow morning (Monday 13th). I've revised so so so much over the past 2 weeks and even today, I did about 3-4 hours of revision. I think I'm ready but I'm just worried that a question that I'm not that confident on, may come up. Other than that, I should think I'm ready to walk out of there with a pass at least!

Other than that I also have put up a new highly requested video on my main channel. Since I can't insert it in, click the word "Youtube" below and you'll be directed to my channel where you can watch it.

Also good news! Remember how I started a vlog channel, well I've just made into a "more" channel but there will be vloggy type videos on there and I uploaded my first vlog today! Exciting much!!!! To check that out and subscribe, if you like, click the word "Vlogs" and you shall be directed to that land of magic!

Basically my life these past weeks has revolved around college work really and just stress. Since I only have to go in to college for my exam and my music lessons which is only an hour a day apart from Wednesday so this week can be a bit more chilled out. I mean I still have work to do, but it will be more flexible. Anyways, that's all I have to talk about for now so I'll talk to guys real soon :) xoxo