Sunday, December 01, 2013

Have I really been gone for that long??

Hey guys, I'm here to apologize again. For me being AWOL and the lack of videos and posts. So recently, there has been some building work going on in my house. I am kind of finally getting my own room! Basically an attic room is being made for my two younger sisters. For the past 2 weeks, me and my family have literally been living on the bottom floor of the house. The living room has turned into my parents and little brother's room and the front room has turned into mine and my sisters' room.

Due to the lack of space, I haven't really been able to upload. I know this isn't a good excuse for not blogging but I usually would sit till late in the living room, doing work but now that my parents are sleeping in the living room so its kind of hard to stay up, which means I have to finish all my college work off pretty quickly therefore no time for blogging :'(

It has honestly upset me that I haven't been able to blog or make videos. But the upside is that the building work should be done in a few days then I can decorate my room my own way and hopefully a room tour will be coming your way soon. I remember I got asked a while back to do a room tour but I was decorating at the time and now that it is going to be my own room I can do the room tour.

Anyways that's the end of my apology, hope you forgive me lol and I shall talk to you guys real soon :) xoxo

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