Thursday, July 18, 2013

List Making....

Hi dudes and dudettes, how goes it? :D Today I have been very very busy making lists. I have noticed that over the past few weeks I have become very fond of list making. So at the current moment I am making a makeup related list. Basically in the beginning of August, me and my family will be going to the wonderful city of Bradford, well I used to love going there as a kid but kind of eh now, because my cousin sister is getting married. Now on one of the days I will be getting my makeup done professionally, but on the first day I won't because I think I'm going to wear my prom dress, since the colour code is black, and I want to do my makeup exactly how I did it on prom. Aswell as this, I will be doing my little sisters' makeup since my mom doesn't want a professional giving a too "adult" look so trusts me to do it instead.

Due to this I need to fill up my makeup train case thingy with ALL the makeup I shall need during the week I am there. Now I personally think I'm an over-packer and I've learnt from my mom I get that from her. I don't really want to over-pack my train case since it is a pretty average size and not massive but I don't want to forget any essentials and then end up crying/complaining once I'm there. I have to warn you, it is a very complex list. It isn't the ordinary shopping list or anything so look at the images below at your own risk.

Okay so above you will see I have split the list up into "Eyes", "Lips", "Face" and "Accessories". And each section, apart from the Accessories section, is split into a further 3-4 more section. Every section has the following sub-sections: "All", "Iqra" (me), "Hira" and "Hasna". Only the "Lips" sections does not have the "All" sub-section. Wow this is starting to get confusing lol.
But if you look at the 2nd picture you will see above me and my youngest sister Hasna have a LOT of lipsticks we want to bring. Hers consist on mainly pinks and nudes and mine consist of mainly plums, reds, purples and mainly dark colours. Now my other little sister Hira has only one lipstick and its a red because her natural lip colour is like Snow White red lips so she just likes to enhance them a little. 

Now the "Eyes" section is again split into the 4 sub-sections "All", "Iqra" (me), "Hira" and "Hasna" but as you can see most of the eye products are for all of us and me and Hasna have a few extra products we prefer too.  The list isn't complete I don't think yet since there may be a few extra products I'd want to add along, mainly from the "Accessories" category. 

Update @17:02 on 18/07/13
Haha I felt tired and kind of slept without finishing of this blog. I do have a lot more lists to make. I'll keep you up to date with those possibly so yeah that is all for now and I shall talk to guys real soon :) xoxo


  1. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
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    1. Thanks so much Vanessa and I just seen some posts on your blog, you love thriller books, I think that makes us friends. And I will for sure follow you :) Thanks again

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