Monday, June 24, 2013

Hair Update...

Hey guys its been a week I think since I've blogged so today I have decided to do an update on my hair. I got it "re-coloured" today, well not so much re-coloured since it is a different colour not the same red highlights as before. It is purple highlights :D

Update @17.41 on 24/06/2013:
I wrote this on Friday 21st, like late at night and got tired and thought I'd finish writing it the next day but I forget. Yes anyways I got purple highlights, kind off. The result was more on the pinkier side but I still love my new hair. It was a loooong process which involved bleaching, washing, colouring and more washing. My wonderful hairstylist, Shabnum Khadim anyone in Birmingham look her up she's awesome, came to my house around 10.30 and started on the bleaching. It stank so bad but whatevers, it helped my colour be way brighter. We used the bleaching kit by Crazy Colour, which is also the company for the actual hair colour. This was left in my hair for about 30minutes I think, then I got my mom to help wash it out lol. Then we went out to the garden because we didn't want to stain the laminated flooring in the living room. The semi-permanent colour we used was called "Bordeaux" and on the packaging it looked like a gorgeous deep purple colour but when it was in my hair it was way brighter. That stayed in my hair for 30minutes too I should think then it came to wash it out and did we make a mess or what? The whole bath was pink but my mom cleaned it up. Here's a few pictures of how it looked when it was still damp:
 These 3 pictures were taken in my bedroom with artificial lighting.
These 3 were taken outside in the natural lighting.
Now the following pictures were taken when my hair was dried. As you will see there was bit of a difference obviously.

 So yes that is how my hair looks now. I washed my hair again today and lets just say I enjoyed a bath tub full of pink water, the colour came out a lot but its kind of expected. It is still bright so its all good! That's all for now and hopefully I shall talk to you guys soon :) xx

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