Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hi guys so remember last night I said I would do a "come prom shopping with me" video, well that kind of never happened. I don't think I'm confident enough to record in public, yet lol. But I did settle on two dresses from a boutique, in Birmingham Bullring, called Sonique. The ladies there were so helpful in helping me choose one from the two options. They helped see what fitted my shape best and what emphasized the good bits of my figure, totes recommend them for prom, parties and wedding dresses. I got my shoes from there too and the man working there was so helpful too because I didn't want a huge heel, since I'm tall, and it was so packed out there yet he offered to go find one of the perfect "in-between" heels, which are like perfect for me by the way. I'm not going to give too much away about my dress, apart from the fact it is a black one with sliver embellishments. I bought my bag from TK Maxx, I went there first to look for a dress. There was a nice black and gold one but I thought I've already got my silver glitter and all so I saw a bag I liked and I said to my mom, if no bag matches it well enough at Sonique I will come back to buy it, which I did. I don't really want to give much details but I got a tiara too!
Anyways short post for today because that's all I gotta say so I shall talk to you guys very soon :) xxx

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