Friday, May 24, 2013

Prom Excitement

Hi dudes and dudettes :D How's everyone doing? I'm pretty excited because prom is very near for me :D For my school it's 28th June. I know a lot of schools in other places like the states have had their proms have already happened but in England I think most schools have prom May/June/July so yeah.

Wohoo my prom ticket! :D Lol it looks alright I guess haha but yes that is my ticket. I got it about 2 weeks back I think.
Any ways so it is now half term holidays so yays and my prom shopping is to start in this 1 week of school. My mom said we might probably go shopping tomorrow, if my dad don't go out anywhere, to kind of get it out of the way. So very excited about that. Only downside my mom wants to be in town around 12-1pm, around that time and I kind of have this issue where I like to sleep till 3pm on weekends. But I'm still going to make sure I'm up. I kind of know what kind of dress I want. Since I'm like tall and thin, I'm going for a slim fitting long gown and I like the idea of it being black with silver embellishment, since I have already planned the makeup etc. So going to be going to two shops, I think, and see what I like. And great news, I'm going to do a "Come prom shopping with me" video, so stay tuned for that. I will have a whole prom edition series thingy as well so stay tuned for that too. 

So that is all for now and I shall talk to you guys very soon bye :) xxx

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