Saturday, May 04, 2013

Having a bit of a lazy day...

Hi guys how are you lot doing? I'm alright, just little ill, t.o.m that's why haha. It's like 9.30pm whilst I'm writing this, I've done a bit of revision so decided to stop and write a bit. Feels good to escape from revision for a while too, even though I ain't done much today. But yes today has pretty much been a lazy day for me. I woke up at around 2pm, had breakfast round 3pm-ish, had lunch at 5.30pm I think and I have literally been chilling in my PJ's all day -_-
As you can see I look pretty dead, yeah I'm drained today, I feel so ill, like no lie. I can't even explain how ill I feel, it is like so bad. I have literally only revised one topic from one subject. I can't concentrate today lol. I shouldn't be laughing because I'm like 10 days away from the exams so I should be in like 100% excel mode but oh well it's just one day, it can't make that much of a difference right? 

But hey I figured out a new way to wear my fringe. My hair is at that stage where it is kind of greasy but I'm too tired to wash it and since I wasn't going anywhere today, I did some experimenting. I just kind of woke up and saw my hair to the side so I sprayed it with some dry shampoo and brushed it out and kept it to that side and ended up with this, which I kind of like. My front fringe was looking a bit odd today thanks to my grease-ball hair haha so I just did this. Plus my awesome hair stylist, Shabnum Khadim, did say that the length of my fringe is good enough to push it to the side and end up with side swept bangs, it's all in the way I style it I guess. 

Erm I'm not sure what to say now really. I just felt like talking to you guys because I've been feeling low pretty much since I woke up so yeah feeling better now. It just feels good to know people who genuinely care about what I say are actually reading. 

I wish I could like hug every single one of you guys but I can't so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog posts and making me feel that my opinions are important. Haha sorry for going onto the emotional side but just had to mention it.

Anyways as always, that is all for now and I shall talk to you guys very very soon :* xxx

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