Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Music post after such a long time...

Hi guys I feel like I haven't talked to my wonderful readers in like forever when in fact it was probably only a week or 2 ago, right? But then again that was a very small post, from when I was in bed and I probably didn't even make sense since I was that tired. Any ways as usual I have gone of topic but basically I haven't written a music post in like forever. So this is going to be a music post yay! So last week on the 14th Dot SE (formerly known as One2Five) had a live chat, where they released their 2nd cover as Dot SE. I was literally so excited and was sitting there, waiting on their Facebook page for them to post the link. Once it was posted I quickly clicked onto it and listened to the cover straight away. I was so happy to see it was a cover of Chris Brown Fine China, which is actually one of my favourite songs at the moment. It was just so perfect that they actually sang my favourite song, at the time, and they did it so well. The harmonies were good and the way the 4 voices blended together was awesome. The music video they did with it was perfect too and just overall it was a good cover with a good video.
To listen to the song for yourself, check out the video below:

Then this Sunday gone on the 21st there was another Twitcam to release another cover which was a sort of gift if we got the Fine China cover to 500 views and I think we got it to above that in one day, I'm not definite but we ended up getting the views so we got a new cover from them. This week I was busy so I couldn't watch the Twitcam but I read about it on someone's blog, Farhaana, http://dotsefan.blogspot.co.uk/ and then saw the video posted on the Facebook page which was Selena Gomez Come and Get It and I got to say I haven't managed to listen to it well enough to take it all in but I will say it sounds really good and I know I will enjoy it once I hear it properly. Once again to listen to that cover, check out the video below:

Oooh I forgot to mention. There first cover as Dot SE was released last month and it was Demi Lovato Heart Attack which was INCREDIBLE and I just loved it, loads. I thought I should mention that now as I obviously haven't mentioned it before so yes. Once again, to listen, check it out below:

Okay so that's all I shall be writing this time round because it is just about half 11 and I need to get ready for bed because I am always late to school and I cannot afford to be late again tomorrow. So I hope you enjoy reading this short post and I shall take to you lot again soon :) xxx

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