Saturday, April 27, 2013

Facts About Me...

Hi hi hi guys :D How are you all doing? I'm very good in case you're wondering lol. I am actually laughing whilst writing this, I don't know, I'm in a laughing mood today :D Anyways if you don't already know I set up my beauty channel on YouTube during spring break. But yes on YouTube I got a request from MeeniMisa and I hope she is reading this because I know she is a reader, if you are reading this I thank you so much for the support and the suggestion :) Like I was saying she suggested I do a "facts about me" video which I ave done and you can view down below. But I thought I would actually do a post about it too so if you'd rather read, you can. So let's get straight into it :D
  1. I was born on 23rd December 1996
  2. I was supposed to be born on Christmas Day. Like how cool would that be. When I was younger I used to get Christmas prezzies as well as birthday ones. But as I grew older I understooad that Christmas isn't a holiday of my religion so I stopped getting double prezzies.
  3. My favourite colour is red. Well technically red, black and purple are my favourite colours but red is the top one :D
  4. My height is 5ft 11inches. Yup, I am pretty tall. My dad is like 6ft4 or something like tha and my mom is 5ft5 I think so it's pretty much in my genes. Sometimes I wished I wasn't this tall because I can't wear heels often.
  5. I have a real bad phobia of heights, I just cannot stand it, it's actually really bad though.
  6. My two favourite singers are Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber. I have been a "Little Black star"/fan of Avril since I was like 9 or 10 years old. I have been a Belieber since 2010 :)
  7. My favourite number is 7 haha :D
  8. My favourite food is potato. Any type of potato, I just love 'em ;D
  9. I like being weird and I am very strange
  10. I have equally weird friends which is where I think I picked up the weirdness lol
  11. I love food loads but I have fast metabolism so erm I don't put on weight? erm some people think it's a good thing but it kind of causes me real issues er yeah
  12. I have been singing since I was 5 years old 
  13. I have been song writing since I was 9/10 years old
  14. I get moody a LOT. I'm either really hyper or really moody 
  15. I love wearing black clothes, like my wardrobe has pretty much black clothes lol
  16. I love cats. I've always grown up around cats and I've had 3 cats and 2 stray cats which y 2 sisters loved but we gave them to the vets to take care of :)
  17. My favourite animal is PANDA BEARS. Just so cute :')
  18. I have known my best friend Maryam for 11 years, basically since we were in year 1 :D
  19. I know this is stupid and most people have been bullied but I have been bullied since a really young age about various different things
  20. After midnight I tend to get really hyper and mental and my mother gets worried lol
  21. I love McDonalds food, just so yummy :D
  22. I would like to have a job, a side job like on weekends etc, as a makeup artist/beautician :D
  23. I love KIWIS. My favourite fruit of all time :DD
I hope you have enjoyed and thanks again to the girl who suggested it, keep your suggestions coming through and I shall talk to you guys again real soon :) xxx

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