Saturday, March 30, 2013

Haul/OOTD from 25/3/13

Hi guys I'm back with an OOTD/haul, yay! So I don't know how to really open this so I'm just going to go straight into it. On Monday 25th March, I had an trip from school to a restaurant called Jimmy Spices at around 4pm-7pm. So on the weekend before that I decided to go shopping. I really wanted a pair of cool shorts I could wear with tights but when me and my mom got to town, all the shorts we saw were way too short, pretty much like knicker O_o
So my mom said get a skirt because in a lot of shops, in particular Miss Selfridge and Forever21, there were some real cute skirts. So I ended up buying two. Firstly I'll list, with pictures, everything I bought then I'll go into the OOTD side of it!
 The first thing I got was this leather jacket. I had one a few years ago but obviously I grew, it shrink so yeah I decided I needed a new one. This one is from Miss Selfridge for £52. I really had to bite my lip when buying this, even though my mom was the one paying. I said to her we'll go somewhere else and try to get a cheaper one but she insisted saying that the one I got before cost around that price and she said it would be worth it if I wear it a lot, which I knew I would. So yeah that's the 1st thing I got.

 The second thing was a short black lace skirt. Like I said I decided to get a skirt and well first I got the one below and then when I went to Miss Selfridge my mom saw this one for £32 but when we payed for it turned out it was on sale for £10. My mom loves a bargain lol, she didn't mind paying the £32 but I felt better that it was less because she was already spending a lot for me that day. It was totally my style, black and I liked that I could pair it with pretty much anything.
 The first skirt I got was this short white/cream lace one from Forever21 for £14.75 and I don't know if this helps anyone but its from something called the Capsule Collection? Anyways I really liked it because it looked feminine and girly which isn't usually my style but I thought it was good to switch it up a bit. I really like it as it can be causal or dressy, it just depends on how everything else is paired with it.
The last thing I bought was this sheer pink/coral high-low hemline blouse also from Forever21 for £10.50. I don't exactly live in LA where the weather is on the increase. I like in the wonderful UK with typical cold/snowy British weather but oh well, I loved it and I wanted to add some colour to my wardrobe for two reasons. One, it is spring, even though it doesn't feel like it, so to get me into that spring vibe colour is fantastic. Two is that my wardrobe consists black, brown, white, red, purple, dark blue, mainly so I just needed some colour. I also got a moustache necklace which is placed over the top in the picture from Forever21 for £1.65. I have recently had an obsession with moustache stuff so when I saw it on display at the counter I just had to get it.                                                                                   Then I obviously needed a little bag. But I thought I'd just use some random bag from home. Whilst me and my mom were waiting in the line to pay, I saw a bright orange thing and it caught my eye. I quickly ran over to it and saw this orange chain bag and begged my mom if I could get it. It was also from Miss Selfridge and cost £18 but my mom agreed so I was happy!!

I also got this real cool MOUSTACHE top whoop! More moustache stuff. I actually bought it a week or two back but I wore it underneath the pink blouse since it was so sheer. Basically the top said "The Good The Bad & Moustache" from the Clearance Centre for £10. Anyways as soon as I got home I was desperate to take photos to show my bestie how my outfit would look. I made her help me pick which skirt to wear to the restaurant. I had no idea which skirt to choose. In the end we settled on the white one as it added more of a girly touch.

Anyways here is a photo of the back skirt. It really fits in with my personal style and I am currently wearing it because I actually like it a lot more than the white one. It just looks so cool!

Okay now time for the outfit of the day bit yay! So first time I wore the full outfit was on the 25th March. Below are a few photos of my outfit etc:
Don't really like these photos but these were the only ones of me on my own so oh well. But as you can see I am wearing the white skirt and I just paired the look with black tights and my normal everyday black ankle boots because I felt the need to spice it up a bit more I mean the leather jacket pretty much did that but you know I just wanted that little bit extra.
Now the 2nd time I wore this was on the 28th March, when I went to my cousin and Aunt's birthday party (his birthday is on 27th, hers 28th, we tend to always do them on the same day). I ditched the leather jacket as it was a family event, didn't need to be all sassy lol. This time round I wore the black skirt, I was called a goth by my aunt lol because I am known for wearing pretty much everything in black. So here are a few pictures below of that outfit:
So these ain't the clearest pictures. The first one on the left is right before leaving the house and the 2nd one was before I did my hair and make-up. 

Anyways this has been a long post and a hard one to write. I started writing it last night, got distracted by beauty videos on YouTube and I am now finishing this at 6.20pm on 30th March. Let's just wrap it up! I hope you enjoyed this and I will talk to you guys very soon :) xxx

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Perfect Combination For Perfect Red...

So I'm not sure if any of you readers remember, I wrote 1-2 posts on red lipstick.
To view them click either of the pictures below...

But anyways I went on about finding the perfect red and how mine was some Avon one. Well that's kind of changed so I decided to do an updated post about that. Today was Comic Relief, also known as Red Nose Day, so in school I saw a lot of girls with red lipstick. I never had that, I thought I had done red and black smokey eyes so red lips paired with that wouldn't look good but by the end of the day I wish I had since I felt kind of left out. A lot of the girls were all wearing a bright red, kind of like the one in the top right corner up there and I thought to myself "Is it only me who understands about the colour pigmentation in red lipsticks and how different reds suit different people?" At times during the day I really felt like telling some of them girls about this but then I thought never mind, I really did not want to start an argument, even though I didn't really mean it in a bad way, just wanted to share what I have learnt. Anyways when I got home I decided to slap on some red lipstick and take some pictures. I ended up combining two red lipsticks and a deep plum, which now seems to be the perfect red for me. Here's a picture of how it looks below:
So let me just start of by giving the lipsticks names.

I'm not sure of the exact name of the lipstick as it has just got silver packaging but it is called "smitten red" and the picture below is how it looks.

As you can see there is a pink and a red, the red one is the one I have. It is very obviously quite bright and wouldn't really suit my skin tone as I have a warm, yellowish undertone. Though I would like to say that the colour result is very very vibrant and the formula is very moisturising. I had quite chapped lips today and I was worried the lipstick would look would but it really moisturised my lips so it all worked out well.

The second lipstick I layered on was this Avon one I mentioned in the other red lipstick posts that is called Rose Addiction. This was my perfect red as it wasn't too bright or too deep. I applied it and it blended really well with the smitten red one.

The last lipstick was one from Avon Colortrend range called Lucky Kiss. This is the deep plum colour on the far right of the picture. It was a colour I picked but wasn't sure if it'd look good. But I layered it right on top and it completely finished off the whole thing and gave a nice finish to it and a deeper look, which fit my skin tone perfectly, I feel anyways.
I then blotted my lips as I had obviously put on a lot of lipstick and that was it, it lasted about an hour, even when I ate food and drank water. It only lasted an hour because I felt like taking it off eventually but it could have easily lasted a good few hours.

I hope you enjoyed this little update on my new red lipstick. I was gonna post an everyday lipstick combo since I have got that now too but I am quite tired as it is 12.33am and I just want to sleep. So I will talk to you guys in the morning/afternoon/night whenever I post that :) xxx

Friday, March 15, 2013

Battle Of The BB Creams...

Hi guys. I'm sorry I haven't update for a while but as you may (or may not) know, I'm in my last year of secondary school therefore I have exams and if I don't have exams I have coursework etc so I have been quite stressed out and busy but I have been buying new products and trying out some products I have bought a while back but never opened.

So from the title you may have discovered that its a battle, which must mean two products which equals review time!

Now some of you may be wondering "BB cream, what the hell is that?" well let me enlighten you by telling you that it stands for blemish balmblemish basebeauty balm or beblesh balm and in western markets it is also known as beauty balm. Time for some background information yay.

This is a product that is sold mainly is in the East and South East Asia but now many beauty brands have been introducing it to the western world. BB cream is an all in one product which replaces moisturizer, sunscreen and foundationIt can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage.Okay this may be becoming boring now but I promise, only one last little bit of information.  BB cream was originally formulated in the 1960s in Germany by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek to protect her patients' skin after surgery. It was introduced to South Korea and Japan in 1985 where healthy-looking, porcelain skin is heavily prized. The cream was hailed as "the secret of Korean actresses," and was heavily endorsed by Korean celebrities.

Okay so now onto the actual review/battle. So a few months back I bought Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Universal Glow because I couldn't find the shade Dark. So let's skip to what this product is said to do:
*Imperfections look blurred
* A natural looking glow
*Fresh feel
*Compliments skin tone
*Skin looks smooth
*Protects with SPF 30
*Oil free, non greasy
Now some of these things I totally agree with, the colour match was perfect and when I say perfect I literally mean perfection, you couldn't tell that I was wearing it. I agree that my imperfections were blurred and that my skin looked smooth and in fact did feel very hydrated. One thing I really did not like about it was that it was supposed to give a fresh feel and be non greasy. But I gotta admit, after an hour or 2 my skin felt quite oily, mainly my forehead and T-zone. That kind of put me off and the fact that a lot of people love and rave about this BB cream I kind of had high expectations from it, which obviously didn't occur. I mean I do love it, but I hate the fact I have to constantly use blotting sheets and re-powder my face like very 2-3 hours. 

The other BB Cream was the one from Avon called Ideal Flawless Skin Loving Beauty Balm. It is said to be a lightweight beauty balm with mineral pigments feels breathable and delivers moisture and SPF15 protection without clogging pores. I got this is in the shade "medium beige". I first tried it on some time this week, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. When I first applied, I was shocked at the colour, it was probably a shade lighter than my skin tone. Seeing as the next shade up was "nutmeg", which was pretty dark, me and my mom calculated that "medium beige  would be fine for me and actually so did our Avon representative say it would be fine, but to be honest it wasn't that big of a deal, I just put some bronzer on, contoured in a few places and it was okay. It did feel very lightweight and I set it with my everyday powder. Once it had set, it felt like I had nothing but moisturizer only. So that was the upside about the BB Cream, it did pretty much everything it was meant to and only cost £7. 

One good thing is that if I combine both of the BB creams together it gives the perfect texture without greasiness and the perfect colour. I did this today to school and I didn't have to put on any bronzer, the colour was just right and so was the texture. I don't want to just throw the Maybelline one away due to the texture or the Avon one due to the colour so from now on I will use both of them together.

I hope this review was helpful and that you enjoyed reading it. I'll talk to you guys soon :) xxx