Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review Time...

Hey guys, I am back. I am currently free from school work and since I haven't updated for a while, properly, I have decided to do, not 1, but 5 product reviews for my wonderful readers :D They will all be separate so here goes.

I think I will start with the Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Transfer-proof Lip Tint. Now I got the colour 700 Nothing But Nude a few months back but since it was nude I never really noticed how it worked. So about a week ago I got a 2nd colour, 300 Perpetual Plum, which isn't a plum colour but more of a deep raspberry colour. I just got to say I loved both the colours. As soon as I applied them, they were very vivid and bright.

I have the last one on the left hand side and the 3rd one to the left. They're all really nice colours, but at the moment I'm happy with these two. 
I got mine from my local pharmacy they have a cute display of Rimmel London products so it's easy for me to buy from there. Anyways I think they cost roughly £6-8 each, which isn't too expensive and it is expected since most Rimmel London make-up is in that price range. 
Now I'm already mentioned I love the colour but, and yes there is a but, it doesn't last as long as I would hope. I had it on today for school and by break time, around 11am it had faded a lot. And by lunch-time, it looked like I hadn't even had any lip product on. Another thing I didn't like about it is that it isn't completely transfer-proof as it does transfer onto my water bottle when I drank water and I sit with my hand near my cheek and I rubbed it by lips by accident and ended up getting some colour onto my hand. 

Okay to wrap up this review, all I'm going to say is that I would totally recommend this product due to the colour pay off but I would warn you to carry it around with you because you will need to top it up throughout the day.

Thank you for reading this review, hope it was helpful and on to the next review, stay tuned for it :) xxx

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