Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review Time Part 4....

The last part is an Avon product! I got it roughly 2 weeks ago and its called Irresistibly Sexy Mascara.
As you can see it has a unique/weird shaped brush but this is what gives the eye lashes the "irresistible sexiness" because it curves your eye lashes making them look fuller and it looks like you have falsies on! I have used this mascara about 5/6 times, enough times to review it. I don't think it has any bad points, for me it don't anyways. I have long eyelashes that semi-curl but I tend to find mascaras don't hold the curl but this one did. Even now, after 13-14 hours roughly, my eyelashes are curved, they may have gotten slightly flat but generally the shape has held very well. If this mascara has any fault it is that once applied it dries very quick and I sometimes like to apply a second coat on the partially wet 1st coat which is kind of hard to do once the 1st coat is dry. Other than that I love the mascara. Once it dries it doesn't harden, the lashes are actually soft and flexible but not that flexible that it'd go out of shape. Overall I would definitely recommend this mascara as it only cost £4-6 roughly and as you can see there are way more pros than cons.
I hope this review was helpful along with all the other reviews. I hope this was enough for my wonderful readers to enjoy/read.
I shall talk to you guys very soon/sooner than usual :) xxx

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