Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review Time Part 3...

Next product is another M.A.C product, whoop! It is the 6 Colour Eye Shadow Pallete. The 6 colours are gold, light brown, dark brown, blue, mossy green and a pearly white. All 6 colours are shimmery eye shadows. I couldn't find a picture on google, so I kind of print screened my birthday haul video and got this picture, it's not going to be clear but you could always check out my birthday haul post here :D
As you can see it isn't very clear but there you go. 
Anyways I used the moss green colour today as the base colour on my lid. The colour pay off was actually very good and then I just used an ordinary brown matt colour in the crease because I don't think two shimmery colours should be paired together or your eyes will look flat with no dimension. But that colour has lasted pretty much all day, i went to school for like 6 hours, by 5pm it started creasing slightly but that wass expected since I have oily eyelids and it had been on for a long period of time. I still have it on now but it's seriously faded a lot now. But overall I think this pallete is very good. The colour lasts longer than most eye shadows I use but it is expected as it is an high end product. Tomorrow I will be using the pearly white and do a white and black smokey eye and I might let you guys know about it :D
I have just one last part to do now, so stay tuned :) xxx

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