Thursday, February 14, 2013

I have Keek now!

Hi guys, I just thought I'd let you know I have Keek now. Well technically I've had Keek for a while but I never really used it. Then I realised, I can't update my blog with videos every single day but on Keek I can easily do it using my phone anyways. So I shall be putting up Keeks on there regularly, like what make-up, hairstyle or even outfit, I have on that day, what I'm doing, how my day was etc.
So please follow/subscribe me on there to keep updated :)   MY KEEK <Just click on that and another tab/window will open up with my profile.

Other than that it was Valentine's Day today, which sucks for people who are single/don't celebrate but that don't mean we can't have fun right? I mean I had school and I'm sure a lot of people had school too but you could've indulged yourself into a "Beauty Day" such as Bubzbeauty, although she has a fiance and they both stayed in and had KFC lol, did today. Check it out below.
Hahaha I love the thumbnail of this video, it's hilarious :D

To be honest, for me today was just a typical Thursday lol. Tell me what you got up to today. Did you have a romantic date, did you chill with your besties or did you treat yourself to some indulgence! Let me know in the comments below, or my Twitter and etc, you know the drill by now :D

Anyways I shall talk to you later via Keek or tomorrow with another blog post. It is now 9.12pm in the UK and I have to eat dinner and get ready for bed so night for those who are in the same timezone as me and good morning/good afternoon to others. Hope you have/had a nice day. Talk to you soon :) xxxx

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