Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hair Update...

Hey guys. I am currently sitting in the hairdressers. With colour in my hair :o lol its purple, double :o
It won't be too extreme, it's just gonna bring out my red highlights more. I'm quite bored sitting here so I decided to blog about zee experience lol. I will do an update later on what the final result is. Anyways I shall talk to you guys in a bit :D xxx
Update @10.56pm
So I wrote this using blogger for mobile but I clicked save instead of publish, feel stupid. So now you shall see this like 7hours later. Enjoy xxx

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I have Keek now!

Hi guys, I just thought I'd let you know I have Keek now. Well technically I've had Keek for a while but I never really used it. Then I realised, I can't update my blog with videos every single day but on Keek I can easily do it using my phone anyways. So I shall be putting up Keeks on there regularly, like what make-up, hairstyle or even outfit, I have on that day, what I'm doing, how my day was etc.
So please follow/subscribe me on there to keep updated :)   MY KEEK <Just click on that and another tab/window will open up with my profile.

Other than that it was Valentine's Day today, which sucks for people who are single/don't celebrate but that don't mean we can't have fun right? I mean I had school and I'm sure a lot of people had school too but you could've indulged yourself into a "Beauty Day" such as Bubzbeauty, although she has a fiance and they both stayed in and had KFC lol, did today. Check it out below.
Hahaha I love the thumbnail of this video, it's hilarious :D

To be honest, for me today was just a typical Thursday lol. Tell me what you got up to today. Did you have a romantic date, did you chill with your besties or did you treat yourself to some indulgence! Let me know in the comments below, or my Twitter and etc, you know the drill by now :D

Anyways I shall talk to you later via Keek or tomorrow with another blog post. It is now 9.12pm in the UK and I have to eat dinner and get ready for bed so night for those who are in the same timezone as me and good morning/good afternoon to others. Hope you have/had a nice day. Talk to you soon :) xxxx

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review Time Part 4....

The last part is an Avon product! I got it roughly 2 weeks ago and its called Irresistibly Sexy Mascara.
As you can see it has a unique/weird shaped brush but this is what gives the eye lashes the "irresistible sexiness" because it curves your eye lashes making them look fuller and it looks like you have falsies on! I have used this mascara about 5/6 times, enough times to review it. I don't think it has any bad points, for me it don't anyways. I have long eyelashes that semi-curl but I tend to find mascaras don't hold the curl but this one did. Even now, after 13-14 hours roughly, my eyelashes are curved, they may have gotten slightly flat but generally the shape has held very well. If this mascara has any fault it is that once applied it dries very quick and I sometimes like to apply a second coat on the partially wet 1st coat which is kind of hard to do once the 1st coat is dry. Other than that I love the mascara. Once it dries it doesn't harden, the lashes are actually soft and flexible but not that flexible that it'd go out of shape. Overall I would definitely recommend this mascara as it only cost £4-6 roughly and as you can see there are way more pros than cons.
I hope this review was helpful along with all the other reviews. I hope this was enough for my wonderful readers to enjoy/read.
I shall talk to you guys very soon/sooner than usual :) xxx

Review Time Part 3...

Next product is another M.A.C product, whoop! It is the 6 Colour Eye Shadow Pallete. The 6 colours are gold, light brown, dark brown, blue, mossy green and a pearly white. All 6 colours are shimmery eye shadows. I couldn't find a picture on google, so I kind of print screened my birthday haul video and got this picture, it's not going to be clear but you could always check out my birthday haul post here :D
As you can see it isn't very clear but there you go. 
Anyways I used the moss green colour today as the base colour on my lid. The colour pay off was actually very good and then I just used an ordinary brown matt colour in the crease because I don't think two shimmery colours should be paired together or your eyes will look flat with no dimension. But that colour has lasted pretty much all day, i went to school for like 6 hours, by 5pm it started creasing slightly but that wass expected since I have oily eyelids and it had been on for a long period of time. I still have it on now but it's seriously faded a lot now. But overall I think this pallete is very good. The colour lasts longer than most eye shadows I use but it is expected as it is an high end product. Tomorrow I will be using the pearly white and do a white and black smokey eye and I might let you guys know about it :D
I have just one last part to do now, so stay tuned :) xxx

Review Time Part 2....

My next product is a M.A.C product :D As you may know, if you have been a reader for a while, if not click the smiley face :D to view that post. Anyways towards the end of January I decided to use my new M.A.C Studio Fix Foundation Powder. So time to review that.

So I'm in the colour NW42 and surprisingly its the perfect shade, like absolute perfect and seeing as my mom got it part of a M.A.C gift set I was very shocked it was the right shade.
Found the picture on google, just to let you know, not my own picture, but that's my shade, NW42...
So it has a little powder puff/spongey thing with it but I used my big powder brush and I'm not even kidding a lot of product was picked up. So I applied it and it gave my skin a flawless, non cakey, semi-matt finish. I would have liked it if it was comeplely matt but since I have oily skin it was going to be slightly "dewy"? I don't know if I have the correct word lol. Anyways I literally didn't need to put on my liquid foundation or concealer. I had this big scar near the side of my mouth thanks to a zit :/ and it covered it very well. I did have to touch it up by lunch time, but that was like atleast 3-4 hours after I'd applied it so it didn't have bad lasting power, it could be because I have oily-combination skin so it probably didn't last as long as it should with me. Other than that I LOVE this powder. I'm going to be so depressed when I hit pan, because it costs around £20-30 and I don't think I'd be able to afford that, well my mom won't buy such an expensive powder for me since she buys most of my makeup. But for now I am just enjoying this powder as it is fabulous. 
To see part 1 of this review section click the smiley face :D
Stay tuned for part 3 and 4, another M.A.C product and one miracle worker mascara :) xxx

Review Time...

Hey guys, I am back. I am currently free from school work and since I haven't updated for a while, properly, I have decided to do, not 1, but 5 product reviews for my wonderful readers :D They will all be separate so here goes.

I think I will start with the Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Transfer-proof Lip Tint. Now I got the colour 700 Nothing But Nude a few months back but since it was nude I never really noticed how it worked. So about a week ago I got a 2nd colour, 300 Perpetual Plum, which isn't a plum colour but more of a deep raspberry colour. I just got to say I loved both the colours. As soon as I applied them, they were very vivid and bright.

I have the last one on the left hand side and the 3rd one to the left. They're all really nice colours, but at the moment I'm happy with these two. 
I got mine from my local pharmacy they have a cute display of Rimmel London products so it's easy for me to buy from there. Anyways I think they cost roughly £6-8 each, which isn't too expensive and it is expected since most Rimmel London make-up is in that price range. 
Now I'm already mentioned I love the colour but, and yes there is a but, it doesn't last as long as I would hope. I had it on today for school and by break time, around 11am it had faded a lot. And by lunch-time, it looked like I hadn't even had any lip product on. Another thing I didn't like about it is that it isn't completely transfer-proof as it does transfer onto my water bottle when I drank water and I sit with my hand near my cheek and I rubbed it by lips by accident and ended up getting some colour onto my hand. 

Okay to wrap up this review, all I'm going to say is that I would totally recommend this product due to the colour pay off but I would warn you to carry it around with you because you will need to top it up throughout the day.

Thank you for reading this review, hope it was helpful and on to the next review, stay tuned for it :) xxx

Friday, February 01, 2013

Just a little update

Hi guys, I'm terribly sorry, again, that I haven't posted in a while. I've been having serious technical issues, not trying to make up excuses or anything but yeah so irritating and I'm actually sad because I have/had at least 3 videos lined up so it's like argh, quite annoying. My sister hasn't been able to update her blog either, so we are both going to try and make videos again this weekend if we can but it's a matter of whether it will upload to my laptop and her laptop so yeah gonna have to get my dad to sort this issue out. I am really missing doing little videos for you guys but I don't think I would've been able to do them over the last 2 weeks, had 2 geography exams. So how have you guys been? You know the drill by now, let me know in the comments, via my email or on Twitter :D

Well to be honest this is the only reason I actually made a post, to let you know what's going on. So I guess that's goodbye from me fellow readers, lol ignore, and goodnight/good afternoon/good morning wherever you are. I promise my best that I shall try and talk to you guys soon :) xxx