Sunday, January 13, 2013

Frustration :@

Hey guys. This will be a short post simply to tell you about the complications with a new video. On Friday night I cleaned out my whole make-up drawer and videoed bits of it, hoping to combine them together in the editing process. I uploaded everything on my laptop from the camera, then deleted everything on the camera because I was low on memory. So when it comes to editing, I see the videos weren't copied properly, therefore I can't open them. So I am sorry to say that they video will be delayed and I will only be able to show the after results and the organization tips I had in the previous videos. Other than that, my weekend has been stressful. today I had to clean out my whole room because on Monday the carpenter is coming to measure the room because sometime next week new carpet is being fitted into all the upstairs rooms It was such a hassle. But I did discover some cool stuff I thought I'd lost. And on top of it, this week coming, my exams start. I haven't revised much. Instead of being up late revising, I'm up late editing and blogging, so original ain't I lol. But I think I'll do some work tomorrow and hopefully will be prepared for these exams. From this week on wards, it's time to work hard as it's literally going to be exams, coursework, etc.
Anyways that's all for tonight, well it's 2.30am now so I am going to sleep, re-film the after result of the cleanup, edit that and then upload. On a up-side, I found my tripod which means I can do make-up tutorials and hair tutorials, yay!! 
Night/morning/afternoon guys, talk to you soon :) xxx

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