Sunday, January 13, 2013

Frustration :@

Hey guys. This will be a short post simply to tell you about the complications with a new video. On Friday night I cleaned out my whole make-up drawer and videoed bits of it, hoping to combine them together in the editing process. I uploaded everything on my laptop from the camera, then deleted everything on the camera because I was low on memory. So when it comes to editing, I see the videos weren't copied properly, therefore I can't open them. So I am sorry to say that they video will be delayed and I will only be able to show the after results and the organization tips I had in the previous videos. Other than that, my weekend has been stressful. today I had to clean out my whole room because on Monday the carpenter is coming to measure the room because sometime next week new carpet is being fitted into all the upstairs rooms It was such a hassle. But I did discover some cool stuff I thought I'd lost. And on top of it, this week coming, my exams start. I haven't revised much. Instead of being up late revising, I'm up late editing and blogging, so original ain't I lol. But I think I'll do some work tomorrow and hopefully will be prepared for these exams. From this week on wards, it's time to work hard as it's literally going to be exams, coursework, etc.
Anyways that's all for tonight, well it's 2.30am now so I am going to sleep, re-film the after result of the cleanup, edit that and then upload. On a up-side, I found my tripod which means I can do make-up tutorials and hair tutorials, yay!! 
Night/morning/afternoon guys, talk to you soon :) xxx

Monday, January 07, 2013

Back-2-school craziness...

Today I just feel like talking to you guys, so here goes. How you doing guys? How's your day been? Let me know via comments section below, twitter @redintoxination or email me at
Anyways I had a pretty good day. 1st day back to school after holidays. Woke up at 6.30am. Hardest thing ever, especially since my sleeping pattern is really messed up so I slept at around 1.30am last night. I am currently getting ready for bed. Just turned my laptop off and I am using the android blogger app, so far it's good. Oh yes today at school, people went mental seeing my new hair (red highlights and front fringe). It was a good feeling I guess. Then there was other people, not going to name, I'm too nice to do that, who said nice things but something about the way they looked at me told me they didn't mean it. But I don't care because I'm happy with my new look.
That all aside, 1st day back to school was pretty good!
That's all I got to say for today. I need to get ready for bed so I shall talk to you guys soon, bye xxx

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Room Decorating Madness...

Hi guys, I have to tell you lot that I am still not able to sort out my make-up drawer and do a video about it because after my dad re-plastered that wall, we started the whole re-decorating process which I've wanted for a while. So a few days ago the room got painted a nice deep shade of purple and to do this we had to take out my big wardrobe. This wardrobe is like 17 years old, my mom's parents bought it for her when my mom and dad first moved into this house about 17/18 years ago. So it is pretty old. So on Tuesday me and my mom removed mine and my sister's clothes and got rid of clothing that doesn't fit us anymore and put them in bags so my dad can take them to the charity shop and the ones we keep in some other bags. My mom has ordered for a new wardrobe and for the next few days the room is a mess. There are bags of clothes in one corner, a pile of papers and books, that I kept at the top of the wardrobe, in the other corner and a few of my storage boxes in another corner. So yeah, my room is pretty much a mess so I am unable to tidy up my makeup and film it. There is a tag on YouTube called "The Best of 2012" done by one of my many favourite YouTubers macbarbie07 aka Bethany Mota! I thought I'd do it and put it on here as well as a video response to her video on YouTube as she said she wants to see other people's tag. But once again I haven't got around to it. I am going to my cousin's house for a few hours tomorrow so when I get back, if it ain't to late because me and my family tend to come back late like 10pm, then I will do that maybe in my mom's room or the front room since I can't film in my room at the moment. I also wanted to do a "Back to school/everyday makeup tutorial" but I can't find my dad's tripod so I've got to look for that first then I am hoping to film that too. Yay a lot of new videos for you guys. Can't wait to film them and put them up to show you guys! Anyways how has your week been? Let me know in the comments below or tweet/direct message me on twitter @redintoxination I'd love to know more about my wonderful readers.

Okay I guess that is all I have got to say really, so I'm going to be back in school by this Monday 7th so I might not be able to post as much as I have a few exams this month but I shall try the best I can to at least to 1 post per week.
I'll talk to you guys soon, bye guys and thank you so much for your support by reading my blog posts, it really means a lot :) xxx