Monday, December 24, 2012

Birthday Haul...

Hey guys, I'm so sorry I'm late... again.
I've been ill again so I haven't been able to do a new post.
I think it's the 24th December, by the time I post this so yeah, yesterday was my birthday and I really wanted to do a music post but I didn't know what about so I did a birthday haul/outfit of the day video in one.
A little "disclaimer" I guess it can be called that, I did mention it like twice in the video anyways, I am not showing off any of my presents or anything it's just that I had nothing else to do for a new post so out of the blue I decided to do this.
I'm sorry that the lighting is off really bad, I just used my camera phone but do not fear, I am getting a new camcorder today so yay, better quality videos.
One last little thing, my 10 year old sister was shooting the video for me so its a bit shaky and I think i'm cut off at some points because she got excited and started moving the camera a little too much lol
It is a little long, probably because I blabbered on a bit too much but hey it's all there so check it out below!

Hope you enjoyed that and I have decided to do vlogs, ottds, hauls etc more often so stay tuned for that. Bye guys, talk to you soon, or should I say sooner this time :D xx

P.S. I'm sorry that I'm kind of weird in this video, I was hyper -__-

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