Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Perfect Red Lips....

Hi guys! I told you I shall be back with the way to achieve the perfect red lips.
So I learnt this somewhere on YouTube but I can't find it otherwise I would've linked it below.
I decided to do a step-by-step for you with pictures and text. I would've probably done this with a full make-up look but it's night here in the UK and I haven't been wearing red lipstick for at least a month. So since I put up the last post about red lipstick, I thought I would do this now. You will see the last picture of a full face view, I don't have much make-up. I would usually have eyeliner on but since I was going to take the make-up off after doing the pictures for the post, I decided to leave my eyes and not do anything. So let's start now!

Step 1: Always remember to moisturise your lips before hand. Use Vasaline or any lip-balm you can find. I used a tinted lip-balm from Body Shop. One little tip is make sure you DO NOT have chapped lips as the red lipstick will make them stand out. Therefore if you can exfoliate your lips before hand. It's Winter so I get really bad chapped lips, but for the sake of this post, I wore the lipstick with chapped lips, stings a bit so that's why you should have smooth lips, if possible. Leave the lip moisturiser on for at least 2-3 minutes, you can do the rest of your make-up routine in this time. I obviously was only doing this so I left it on for a minute whilst I gathered up my stuff and then wiped off any residue still left.

Step 2: After moisturising, you should powder your lips with your typical everyday powder. You do this to remove the natural colour of your lips, mine are a mauve/purple type colour so it was hard to conceal with a powder. If you have successfully concealed the natural colour with powder, move straight onto step 4. If not, don't worry I have a tip, straight to step 3.

Step 3: Use foundation or concealer. If you were not successful with powder use your everyday foundation or concealer and smear and blend it all over your lips until you cannot see the natural colour. As well as covering your natural colour, it creates a base and acts as a primer for the lip colour. After using the foundation or concealer, cover your lips with your powder foundation, to set the liquid foundation/concealer. 

Step 4: Grab a lip liner that matches your lip colour. The one I used was from Avon called Glimmersticks Lip Liner in Red Brick. That was the closest one to my perfect red lipstick. It's kind of like colouring in a colouring book just stay in the lines. Draw around your natural lip line. If you want you can expand the bottom or top lip just slightly, which can make it look like you have got fuller lips. Once you've outlined your lips, fill them in with the lip liner.

Step 5: Once you've filled it in, it should look like this. If you can tell, it looks really bright on me, but don't worry I sorted it out afterwards. But this is all prep for the actual lipstick.

Step 6: Now you have found your "Perfect Red Lipstick" grab a lip brush, and apply a bit of the lipstick onto it. My perfect red lippy is Avon Ultra Rich Colordisiac lipstick in Rose Addiction. If you don't have a lip brush, you can buy them very cheap and standard high street stores such ass Boots. But if you want, I did this, apply the lipstick the normal way being careful not to go outside the lines and then use a brush to fill in any bits needed to do so. Once you've achieved enough colour, I do a bit more than I usually wear you shall see why a few steps later, move onto the next step.

Step 7: Now we all know this step, hopefully. You blot. Blot as much as you need to till you get the desired colour. And this is why I apply a lot of extra lipstick so I can get just the perfect amount after blotting and don't have to reapply after the blotting. Clever tip, right? Probably not lol.

Step 8: I'm sorry this is not very clear, but this is the best I could get it to be. Basically you get a thin sheet of tissue, lay it over your lips, grab a powder puff/sponge and start dabbing powder onto the paper. Now you may be wondering, how is this going to help? I shall tell you that it helps to make sure the colour is long-lasting. Don't ask me how because I honestly have no idea, all I know is that it works, it does work for me. I learnt it from another YouTube beauty guru, Bubzbeauty, I think. But yes do, this I'm being honest this works. If you want, try yourself!

Here is the final look. Lol the glasses picture was just for fun. I love those cool big 3D glasses. Anyways as you can see the colour isn't too light or too dark. I would feel totally comfortable wearing that colour which is a good sign. 

Thank you for reading this post. I hope these steps have helped you. These can be used for any lip colour but I only tend to use it for a red lip as I have a natural purple lip, which is strange lol but yes I do, so it's hard to just put the red colour on therefore I use this long but worth it process. 
Talk to you again soon guys xxx

Update @9.44pm 
P.S. I would like to say thanks to my little sister who took all the pictures, I feel sorry for making her do that, she took each of them like 2/3 times before getting the perfect one. Please check out her blog too :)

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