Monday, November 05, 2012

Taylor Swift's Latest Album....

I know this may be a bit late but lately I have been really loving Taylor's newest album, Red, which is her 4th studio album. 

I got to admit the reason I first fell in love with her music was the fact it was country and it had that kind of sound to it that drew me in. So when I discovered that this new album is pop, I was a little disappointed but then I listened to the album preview on iTunes and did I die or what. It was surreal. The lyrics really touched me and it still had a touch of the Taylor Swift style that I liked, which was that I related with the songs. So for anyone who hasn't listened to the album, below is a track-list:
  1. State of Grace
  2. Red
  3. Treacherous 
  4. I Knew You Were Trouble
  5. All Too Well
  6. 22
  7. I Almost Do
  8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  9. Stay Stay Stay
  10. The Last Time
  11. Holy Ground
  12. Sad Beautiful Tragic
  13. The Lucky One
  14. Everything has changed
  15. Starlight
  16. Begin Again
The album can be bought on iTunes but if like me you're parents are not willing to pay for it lol then slowly the audio files of the singles are being uploaded onto Taylor Swift's Channel (Link will be at the bottom of post). 
My favorite song was "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" but eventually I got so addicted to it that  song that I felt I had to move onto another song and now my favorites are "Begin Again", "Red" and "22". I don't really know what it is about these particular but I dig on their message quite strongly.

Other than that, I don't think I've got much else to say because they was really on positive things about the album which I think I have touched on. So I think that wraps up today's music post. 

Let me know your opinions on the album if you have heard it. What do you feel? Do you like the touch of pop Taylor Swift has added, like I do? Or do you think differently to me and like her country music better? Whatever it is, let me know in the comments below. And if you liked this post and the others, remember to follow the blog to stay updated. Bye guys, I'll talk to you again tomorrow, maybe a fashion post this time!

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