Thursday, November 22, 2012

One2Five Update...

Hi guys. I know I only just did a music post just a while ago but I really felt the need to get this post out before I forget to do it.

From the title of the post you may have discovered that this post is about my all time new favourite YouTube stars ONE2FIVE! I am totally in love with them, their music, their swag, their style, their personalities, just about everything about them is amazing.

Update @22nd Novemeber at 6.50pm:
I'm so sorry, the day I was actually doing this, my laptop closed down and after that I completely forgot about this post. Either way where was I. Oh right, I am in love with One2Five now. Big things have happened to me to do with them since my first post about them. Here we go.

On the 8th November I wrote on their Facebook page the following;

I found you guys a few days ago. I think I'm addicted. I've been listening to your covers, Adam's and Sam's covers everyday for the past week for like 3-4 hours each day. I think that's kind of bad lol But I can't stop listening to your music, I just love it too much! You guys are amazing singer, have awesome style and are a great boy group. Please do a new cover soon, I can't wait! :) xxxx
And they liked that post that very day :O It was so big for me because something like that has never, ever happened to me. I was gobsmacked. Since that day a lot of things happened and I just got excited every time and loved them even more each time something happened.
Then on the 10th November SamDanielsson aka Samuel from One2Five, FOLLOWED ME on Twitter. I was so excited, I literally screamed.
A few days after I found out that the One2Five boys have their own individual Facebook accounts so I thought I'd subscribe to all 5 of them, then I decided to risk it and add them too. I added Adam and Johan because Simon and Samuel had the maximum amount if friends so I couldn't add them and I couldn't find Michael for some odd reason. I didn't expect them to accept my friend requests but they literally did. The next day I come home from school and I have a notification on my phone that says "Adam Lundgren accepted your friend request. Write on his timeline." and the same for Samuel. I literally cried, I can't even explain how happy I was.

On top of it all, the 18th November, last Sunday was their 6 month anniversary of being a boy-band together so I decide to do what everyone was doing, post it on their wall congratulated them, I never got a like on that but I wasn't fussed because I knew they were out on a lunch and preparing for a live chat on Twitcam that evening.
On Sunday I had my bath, did all my homework and everything before 5pm. I had to be prepared. That whole day I kept saying "Only blahblahblah hours left till live chat ahh" I swear I must of annoyed my family so bad.
Anyways when the chat started, I was sitting in the living room, headphones on, volume up and all pumped up. I screamed and laughed and really enjoyed it. It was so awesome to watch them live, it was my first Twitcam chat as well so yeah it was a pretty big thing. If any my blog followers have me on Twitter or Facebook you would have seen that I filled them both up with the link to the Twitcam and when they released their new cover One Direction - Kiss you at the end of the chat, I shared it like instantly and so many times, I think my followers on Twitter and my Facebook friends may have found me a bit weird, oh well though, I was happy and enjoyed the cover so much that I wanted to help them reach as many views as possible.
Check out their cover below:

I loved it and I hope some of you guys will too.
I shared it everywhere like I said and I guess that got their attention because their joint Twitter account One2Five followed me on that very day of the cover release.
Well anyways, 2 days ago i found Michael's Facebook, added him and he accepted so yeah another happy moment. 

Now I think I'm to the end of the post, all I can say is that if any fellow 125ers are reading this or the guys themselves, I shall keep giving random updates about One2Five and I love you 5 awesome guys. I love your covers, your music, your style and everything. You guys have literally changed my life, it may sound a bit "over dramatic fan" type but I mean it I am addicted to you guys and I'm not ashamed to admit I actually am
in love with all 5 of you. You have changed my life completly, I listen to your joint covers and Samuel's and Adam's videos on repeat every single day. My day feels weird if I don't listen to you guys.

Anyways that is all I would like to say, so thank you for reading this long post and talk to you soon xxx

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