Friday, November 09, 2012

Musical Moments...

In today's music I couldn't think of a specific artist, single or cover artist to talk about so I thought I will talk about my own "music experience" if it can even be called that.
Yesterday, Thursday 8th, I had a singing class after school with the music teacher and a singing voice coach who trains school choirs, she helps us too. I've been doing this for a few weeks now. But I find it kind of awkward. Why is that you may be thinking? I am the oldest one there! The group varies from pupils from years 7-11 but I'm the only one from year 11 there so it's kind of weird. But I am loving it because there is so much variety of voices. I have been told I have a more high pitched voice and I have realised that myself over the years. So I love the fact that there are a lot of girls who have deeper voices like my little sister and her friends. It feels so good that I can sing well with the variety of the voices. Also there are a few girls who sing high pitched like me. Best thing ever! I used to feel so uncomfortable because I thought I might the only one, but very obviously I am not, so yay. You may have seen that I have been saying "girls" and that's because there really is only girls there which isn't the best. It would be good to have boys too, the blend of the voices would be awesome. But either way I joined to help with my range, to learn to sing deeper the correct way without hurting myself and also to sing high, how I already do, but without straining my voice which is what I sometimes tend to do and it really hurt the diaphragm, I mean I can feel the pain. I know that it's not good that I'm straining my voice isn't good because it can ruin the voice and damage the diaphragm. This is why I decided to attend this. Plus in college I want to do Musical Theatre and they are going to expect me to have attended something and since I do need "extra-curricular activities" I decided I should do something I enjoy and help me with my college choices. 
So instead of going on and on I think I should get to the point lol. Well firstly we start of with vocal warm-ups. I wish I could insert them in, but if anyone who is from Saltley School is reading this, follow the steps below to reach them. If you are not, you may skip these steps. An up-side is that you can always find vocal warm-ups on YouTube!
Saltley Readers look below:
  • Log into the Frog thing
  • On the right hand side where it says "Classsroom" click on the button that says "Subjects" 
  • Then click on "Music"
  • Then you will see a title that says "Saltley Singers" underneath that are voice clips of some of the vocal warm-ups we do in the class
Hope that helps up there. You should really do these warm-up before singing as it will relax your voice, stop you from putting any unneccisary stress on your vocal chords, reduce or removes the cracks and  breaks between registers, makes it easier to reach the extremes of your voice and on a long term basis will strengthen your singing voice. 
So after we did this, this week we went over the following songs:

  • Sing - Military Wives and Gary Barlow
  • Read All About It Part 3 - Emeli Sande
  • Hall of Fame - The Script ft
  • Happy Ending - Mika
I can't remember any others but I was pretty pleased with the song choice because there was low and HIGH bits! I made sure my voice was heard, just I excel my voice out or what. One of my friends came in to wait for her sister who was in the class, and she said she loved it because she could hear my really high bits.

Anyways I just wanted something to talk about for the music post so I did this. I hope you've enjoyed reading. Talk to you soon guys! x


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