Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Exam Stress....

We all have exams to do at some point during school life and I've had two so far this week. I had a Maths one on Tuesday and a Science exam today. Just in case you're wondering, this is why I haven't posted anything new in the past 2 days. I know I promised a fashion post and I shall have it up shortly after this post. I always keep my promises, so don't worry. Anyways back to the exams, on Tuesday I was really scared because I'm real bad at Maths. But when I did the paper, I did just over half of the questions, and they were related to everything I know. I was so happy and felt confident. Until I heard people, who are much more cleverer than me in Maths, saying they found it really hard. Hmm, could this mean I did things wrongs and that's why I found it easy lol
Either way, I have another chance in summer to get a C grade.
There was a picture I so wanted to insert in this post to show you guys, but I can't find it. Anyways never mind, if I find it later I might just put it in.
Today was the Science exam, I was confident in myself as I knew I had revised a lot for this exam. And since I found Maths, my worst subject, easy I thought Science, my best subject would be alright too. I was very obviously wrong. When I saw the paper I was like this:
I felt like Homer Simpson. No lie. I had no idea about anything on that paper. Things I'd revised weren't on there. Luckily enough, the two 6mark questions, were based on stuff I did revise So hopefully they should help increase my overall grade for that Chemistry paper.
Other than that, all I've got to say if you revise your stuff, you really will succeed. Hopefully, it will work like that in my case. I've got another Maths exam tomorrow, it's a calculator paper, so it should be easier.

A few tips with exams:

  • Stay calm, take deep breaths, if you don't know an answer, leave it and come back to it at the end, but never leave a question blank, always come back to it. If you do fill it in, you could gain marks, even if it is a fluke.
  • Revise as much as you can. This does not mean a night before the exam. I started 4 weeks in advance, but if I could change anything, I would've started much sooner.
  • Do not stay up all night revising, you need at least 8 hours of sleep. This is necessary generally for good health. But on the night before a exam, it is a must. I have to admit, I did only have roughly 6-7 hours of sleep, which could have been a cause of me being so tired during the exam.
  • Lastly do not over-revise. This can happen, which can cause you to forget important facts and get a lower grade than expected. It does happen. It happened with my best friend, who revised a whole load more than me, but when we got the results, she got lower than me. I was really sad for her, but this time she improved her revision techniques and has revised just a substantial amount.
That's all for this exam post. I hope this will help anyone with exams this week or in the near future. I have another exam tomorrow so I shall go over last minute little factoids I think I should know. But maybe before that I'll do the fashion post. I'll see. Talk to you soon, bye guys.

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