Saturday, November 24, 2012

Time to talk about our skin and its importance....

I've been waiting to do this post and seeing as it's Friday I have loads of free-time to do it.
Now I'm sure most of us want perfect skin but I've got to admit, I haven't really seen many people with perfect skin and if they have got it they were either blessed with this or natural and medicinal techniques/treatments. But the most important thing above those is to have healthy skin, follow a skincare routine to keep your skin clean from make-up, dirt or oil and most importantly hydrated.
So I shall be telling you tips I have learnt from a fantastic site (I will put link to their website and Twitter below) and maybe my own skincare routine. Here we go with the tips I have learnt:

1) The most important thing is to wash your face morning AND night. Washing your face in the morning removes dirt and oil from your face that may have gathered onto your face whilst you were sleeping. Most of you may already know this but the oil can come from your hair or if you sweat at night. Now here is one big tip I learnt, I really didn't know this but I follow it religiously now: Make sure you use your facial cleanser AFTER shampooing and conditioning your hair. Now when I heard this I just thought, why would it make any difference, then I figured it out when I read further on. A lot of shampoos and conditioners include ingredients that once rinsed out of your hair, seep onto your skin, and can clog your pores and irritate the skin.  Cleansing after will remove any of this hair product build-up from settling on your face. It is even more important to wash your face at the end of the day because our skin comes into contact with so many things everyday. We all touch our face, mobiles are on our face and all the bacteria can transfer so you must wash your face. The skin is renewed overnight therefore you need to get rid of any residue on your face before you sleep. I've got to admit, some nights I'm so tired that I just use a make-up wipe/cleansing wipe and then sleep, but I would say do not make this a habit, it's not bad to do it sometimes but you really shouldn't all the time. 

2) Exfoliate at least twice a week, for sensitive skins, once a week will be enough as you do not want to irritate your skin too muchExfoliation is the removal of cellular buildup (dead skin) by use of gentle skin polishing beads. The best time to exfoliate is in the evening before bed, when your skin can have time to breathe and be restored.  Exfoliating can also occasionally cause mild redness on the skin which is painless but caused by the friction of the beads being worked in a circular motion against your skin. Because of the redness that can form you shouldn't exfoliate for a big event a few hours before it, if anything I feel you should do it the night before as whilst you sleep the redness will cool down.

3) Moisturizing is the key! You must keep your skin hydrated 24 hours a day. Whether you wear make-up or not, everyone, and I mean everyone, even guys, should moisturize their skin because your skin needs hydration and without it your skin will pull oils, bad oils i.e. sebum, to the surface in attempt to hydrate the skin as the skin is clever enough to realise that your skin is dry. These bad oils can cause more breakouts to happen than usual. Using a fragrance-free moisturizer will balance the moisture of your skin, which in turn, eliminates bad oils from creeping their way out of your skin, therefore less breakout. An oil-free moisturizer is best to use twice a day. Only those of you with severely dry skin may want to look into using a moisturizer infused with oil for the night time, but then continue using an oil-free moisturizer during the day.

4) This next one is a big one, which I know I don't follow myself either, which is bad. We should all have at least 8 hours of sleep. Our skin restores/renews itself when our body rests therefore it is vital we take this step seriously. I will admit, most nights I get roughly 6-7 hours sleep and that will be because I do school work till 12am-1am becuase I 
Procrastinate after school time i.e. between 5-8pm. Basically meaning I'm lazy and don't do my school work in that time, when I have the chance. I am hoping to change that this coming school week, so wish me luck guys lol. But yeah, on weekends I tend to get more than 8 hours sleep. I stay up working, talking to friends etc till roughly 2am then eventually knock off around 2.30am then walk up at 12pm the next morning, or should I say afternoon. Studies show that getting enough sleep at night reduces wrinkle formation and cell turnover is 8 times faster at night than during the day. Your body and skin temperature is higher as well, which allows age-fighting and acne-fighting products to seep deeper into your skin at night.

5) I'm sure everybody has heard of the phrase "You are what you eat". Well stupid as it may sound, trust me I used to think the same as you, it's 100% right. Before getting to the main facts, I would first like to say there's a purpose to the 1st picture on the left, it's not to make anyone feel bad about themselves, but for everyone of us to understand whether our diet is correct. Now many teenage girls do the wrong thing, by going on crash diets and eating something as small as half a apple, as shown in the picture, but it is wrong. You can become severely ill by this, causing you to be underweight, near to or pretty much anorexic or even worse, hospitalized. From someone who is underweight, myself, not from my diet but I just lost a huge amount of weight compared to my height as I am very tall maybe in a another post I'll explain. But the point is, I hate being this skinny, but I've been told I've got fast metabolism which means I'm burning calories at a higher rate than average therefore have trouble putting on weight. But yeah my point is that you don't have to eat less meals, you just have to eat the right foods aka a balanced meal in moderate amounts. The dietician told me I could eat roughly 4-5 very small meals a day, but mainly she told me to stick to 3 meals a day at a moderate amount of food, which I do try and do. Sorry for going off point there a little. I kind of felt the need to point out/explain that 1st picture. Now to the facts. What you take into your body will exude through your skin so eat lots of fruits, veggies, and lean proteins like fish and chicken. Many of these foods have essential vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need to boost our immune system, fight off infections, and keep our skin looking good. Avoid processed foods that are loaded with an excess of sodium, sugar, and fat. These foods can clog your pores, make you feel lethargic, and show negatively through your skin.

6) Another obvious one, which everyone must have heard all they time. We need to hydrate. We are meant to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I think I'm slowly working to that goal, hopefully will reach 8 glasses a day soon. Water will keep your skin more hydrated and flush toxins out of your body more quickly, reducing your acne breakouts and fine lines and wrinkles. Drinking water compared to sugary or caffeinated drinks will give you more balanced energy throughout the day and keep you more alert and healthy.

7) Lastly I would like to say excercise. We should excercise 4 times a week. I'm really bad with this, other than walking to and from school and PE in school, I don't do much excercise. I used to go to the gym, then I stopped all of a sudden, so I really need to start up again. And now for the facts. Besides keeping you fit and healthy, working out allows your body to sweat out all the toxins that would normally take longer to diminish. It promotes good circulation, which in turn opens your pores, freeing the trapped oils and debris from your skin.

And that is all the tips I have. I hope these helped and hope you have enjoyed reading them. Tomorrow's post will be my skincare routine. So good night, good afternoon, good morning, wherever you guys are. Talk to you soon x

Credits go to:

This is where I learnt this information and other skin related stuff, most of the time it's from here, if it isn't I will mention it in that post.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

One2Five Update...

Hi guys. I know I only just did a music post just a while ago but I really felt the need to get this post out before I forget to do it.

From the title of the post you may have discovered that this post is about my all time new favourite YouTube stars ONE2FIVE! I am totally in love with them, their music, their swag, their style, their personalities, just about everything about them is amazing.

Update @22nd Novemeber at 6.50pm:
I'm so sorry, the day I was actually doing this, my laptop closed down and after that I completely forgot about this post. Either way where was I. Oh right, I am in love with One2Five now. Big things have happened to me to do with them since my first post about them. Here we go.

On the 8th November I wrote on their Facebook page the following;

I found you guys a few days ago. I think I'm addicted. I've been listening to your covers, Adam's and Sam's covers everyday for the past week for like 3-4 hours each day. I think that's kind of bad lol But I can't stop listening to your music, I just love it too much! You guys are amazing singer, have awesome style and are a great boy group. Please do a new cover soon, I can't wait! :) xxxx
And they liked that post that very day :O It was so big for me because something like that has never, ever happened to me. I was gobsmacked. Since that day a lot of things happened and I just got excited every time and loved them even more each time something happened.
Then on the 10th November SamDanielsson aka Samuel from One2Five, FOLLOWED ME on Twitter. I was so excited, I literally screamed.
A few days after I found out that the One2Five boys have their own individual Facebook accounts so I thought I'd subscribe to all 5 of them, then I decided to risk it and add them too. I added Adam and Johan because Simon and Samuel had the maximum amount if friends so I couldn't add them and I couldn't find Michael for some odd reason. I didn't expect them to accept my friend requests but they literally did. The next day I come home from school and I have a notification on my phone that says "Adam Lundgren accepted your friend request. Write on his timeline." and the same for Samuel. I literally cried, I can't even explain how happy I was.

On top of it all, the 18th November, last Sunday was their 6 month anniversary of being a boy-band together so I decide to do what everyone was doing, post it on their wall congratulated them, I never got a like on that but I wasn't fussed because I knew they were out on a lunch and preparing for a live chat on Twitcam that evening.
On Sunday I had my bath, did all my homework and everything before 5pm. I had to be prepared. That whole day I kept saying "Only blahblahblah hours left till live chat ahh" I swear I must of annoyed my family so bad.
Anyways when the chat started, I was sitting in the living room, headphones on, volume up and all pumped up. I screamed and laughed and really enjoyed it. It was so awesome to watch them live, it was my first Twitcam chat as well so yeah it was a pretty big thing. If any my blog followers have me on Twitter or Facebook you would have seen that I filled them both up with the link to the Twitcam and when they released their new cover One Direction - Kiss you at the end of the chat, I shared it like instantly and so many times, I think my followers on Twitter and my Facebook friends may have found me a bit weird, oh well though, I was happy and enjoyed the cover so much that I wanted to help them reach as many views as possible.
Check out their cover below:

I loved it and I hope some of you guys will too.
I shared it everywhere like I said and I guess that got their attention because their joint Twitter account One2Five followed me on that very day of the cover release.
Well anyways, 2 days ago i found Michael's Facebook, added him and he accepted so yeah another happy moment. 

Now I think I'm to the end of the post, all I can say is that if any fellow 125ers are reading this or the guys themselves, I shall keep giving random updates about One2Five and I love you 5 awesome guys. I love your covers, your music, your style and everything. You guys have literally changed my life, it may sound a bit "over dramatic fan" type but I mean it I am addicted to you guys and I'm not ashamed to admit I actually am
in love with all 5 of you. You have changed my life completly, I listen to your joint covers and Samuel's and Adam's videos on repeat every single day. My day feels weird if I don't listen to you guys.

Anyways that is all I would like to say, so thank you for reading this long post and talk to you soon xxx

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Boyband Discovery....

Terribly sorry guys. I haven't updated for like a week or so. I've been mega stressed with college applications and stuff so I'm sorry. But I'm here now so I decided I should do a music post. I got a mention on Twitter by someone called @cassideeremi saying to check out a new cover. But I kind of forgot about it. And remember yesterday I think. Anyways I clicked the link and I discovered it is a French boy-band this time (last time I found a Swedish boy-band). So I checked out one of the covers it was called "Don't pass me by" Rough Mix and I totally did not recognise the song so I just ignored it and though must be some French song or something. But today I decided I should listen to the song and give it a chance when I saw that they recently uploaded a cover of "Little Things" One Direction. So I decided to "review" that song as I am familiar with it anyways. So I listened and let's just say I loved.

I mean it was fantastic. The two boys, I'm sorry I don't know their names, their voices together = Magical! They have wonderful voices which I love about them. I love boy-bands/groups that have angelic voices which harmonise and mix well together. This is totally the case with them. I can't say I love them as much as I love One2Five because at the moment I am addicted to them and anything to do with them. If you follow me on twitter: @redintoxination you'll see I tweet about them a lot, but maybe after listening to a few more covers of them I may love them too, who knows. But at the moment they have some talent with awesome vocals. 

To check them out, you can click on their latest video below:

To be completely honest, that is all I can say about them. I know this is a very short post but I'm sorry, I don't know what else to say about them. I have loads of ideas for beauty or fashion posts but I've kind of run dry on ideas for music posts, so if you do have an idea for me or a YouTube star you want me to check out, comment below on this post.

Thanks for reading guys. I'll catch up with you soon. I think I'm going to do a beauty post on skincare routines and the importance of it as I feel that is a strong point of mines so yeah, keep a look out for it. Remember to follow my blog to keep up to date. Bye guys xx

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Perfect Red Lips....

Hi guys! I told you I shall be back with the way to achieve the perfect red lips.
So I learnt this somewhere on YouTube but I can't find it otherwise I would've linked it below.
I decided to do a step-by-step for you with pictures and text. I would've probably done this with a full make-up look but it's night here in the UK and I haven't been wearing red lipstick for at least a month. So since I put up the last post about red lipstick, I thought I would do this now. You will see the last picture of a full face view, I don't have much make-up. I would usually have eyeliner on but since I was going to take the make-up off after doing the pictures for the post, I decided to leave my eyes and not do anything. So let's start now!

Step 1: Always remember to moisturise your lips before hand. Use Vasaline or any lip-balm you can find. I used a tinted lip-balm from Body Shop. One little tip is make sure you DO NOT have chapped lips as the red lipstick will make them stand out. Therefore if you can exfoliate your lips before hand. It's Winter so I get really bad chapped lips, but for the sake of this post, I wore the lipstick with chapped lips, stings a bit so that's why you should have smooth lips, if possible. Leave the lip moisturiser on for at least 2-3 minutes, you can do the rest of your make-up routine in this time. I obviously was only doing this so I left it on for a minute whilst I gathered up my stuff and then wiped off any residue still left.

Step 2: After moisturising, you should powder your lips with your typical everyday powder. You do this to remove the natural colour of your lips, mine are a mauve/purple type colour so it was hard to conceal with a powder. If you have successfully concealed the natural colour with powder, move straight onto step 4. If not, don't worry I have a tip, straight to step 3.

Step 3: Use foundation or concealer. If you were not successful with powder use your everyday foundation or concealer and smear and blend it all over your lips until you cannot see the natural colour. As well as covering your natural colour, it creates a base and acts as a primer for the lip colour. After using the foundation or concealer, cover your lips with your powder foundation, to set the liquid foundation/concealer. 

Step 4: Grab a lip liner that matches your lip colour. The one I used was from Avon called Glimmersticks Lip Liner in Red Brick. That was the closest one to my perfect red lipstick. It's kind of like colouring in a colouring book just stay in the lines. Draw around your natural lip line. If you want you can expand the bottom or top lip just slightly, which can make it look like you have got fuller lips. Once you've outlined your lips, fill them in with the lip liner.

Step 5: Once you've filled it in, it should look like this. If you can tell, it looks really bright on me, but don't worry I sorted it out afterwards. But this is all prep for the actual lipstick.

Step 6: Now you have found your "Perfect Red Lipstick" grab a lip brush, and apply a bit of the lipstick onto it. My perfect red lippy is Avon Ultra Rich Colordisiac lipstick in Rose Addiction. If you don't have a lip brush, you can buy them very cheap and standard high street stores such ass Boots. But if you want, I did this, apply the lipstick the normal way being careful not to go outside the lines and then use a brush to fill in any bits needed to do so. Once you've achieved enough colour, I do a bit more than I usually wear you shall see why a few steps later, move onto the next step.

Step 7: Now we all know this step, hopefully. You blot. Blot as much as you need to till you get the desired colour. And this is why I apply a lot of extra lipstick so I can get just the perfect amount after blotting and don't have to reapply after the blotting. Clever tip, right? Probably not lol.

Step 8: I'm sorry this is not very clear, but this is the best I could get it to be. Basically you get a thin sheet of tissue, lay it over your lips, grab a powder puff/sponge and start dabbing powder onto the paper. Now you may be wondering, how is this going to help? I shall tell you that it helps to make sure the colour is long-lasting. Don't ask me how because I honestly have no idea, all I know is that it works, it does work for me. I learnt it from another YouTube beauty guru, Bubzbeauty, I think. But yes do, this I'm being honest this works. If you want, try yourself!

Here is the final look. Lol the glasses picture was just for fun. I love those cool big 3D glasses. Anyways as you can see the colour isn't too light or too dark. I would feel totally comfortable wearing that colour which is a good sign. 

Thank you for reading this post. I hope these steps have helped you. These can be used for any lip colour but I only tend to use it for a red lip as I have a natural purple lip, which is strange lol but yes I do, so it's hard to just put the red colour on therefore I use this long but worth it process. 
Talk to you again soon guys xxx

Update @9.44pm 
P.S. I would like to say thanks to my little sister who took all the pictures, I feel sorry for making her do that, she took each of them like 2/3 times before getting the perfect one. Please check out her blog too :)

Choosing A Classic Red....

Today's post shall be on make-up, my speciality. Well I feel it is lol
I wasn't sure what to start of with a classic that every woman/girl needs in her make-up bag. RED LIPSTICK. Now you may be thinking, I can't pull off red lipstick. But trust me you can, I have a medium-dark skin tone and I wear a red lippy when I want to add a little pizzaz to my make-up. You just got to find the perfect red. Another thing you may be thinking "It's going to take me ages to find the perfect red, so what's the point of even trying?" You are wrong! With my little tips I hope you will be able to find your perfect red, just like I did.

I think I shall start of by saying the "red" products I tend to use.
I use a lipstick from Avon called Ultra Rich Colordisiac lipstick - Rose addiction. I'm not sure what the price was because I got it quite some time ago, and it's lasted so long. But knowing Avon prices, I don't think it was too expensive roughly £3-£4 but that's probably because I got it right at the beginning. But I heard that it''s getting discontinued :O
That's shocking, I'm going to have to go through the "Perfect Red Lipstick" search again. But that aside time to talk about red lipstick and how you can find the right one for you.

When choosing a red colour, you have to consider the undertone as they can have a cool, warm or neutral undertone. For e.g. a red with a warm undertone, worn on someone who has a warm undertone of skin, the colour instantly looks brighter. But if a red with a cool undertone is worn by someone who has a warm undertone of skin, then the colour will not shine. Therefore warm reds look better of warm backgrounds. In the same case cool reds stand out on cool backgrounds. 

So you must be thinking how do I find out if I'm a cool undertone or a warm undertone. Now I have learnt a few methods from the wonderful Michelle Phan. If you want to watch her detailed video, you may click on it below, or if you want quick steps you may read what I write. It's up to you!

So if you want the easy steps here they are.

The jewelry method:
You take gold jewelry and silver jewelry. Then try them on and see which one looks better on you, which one stands out against your complexion. If silver compliments your skin tone, you are have a cool undertone and if gold compliments your skin tone, you have a warm undertone. 
If you are a cool undertone, you would need a red lipstick which has a more blue hue to it. A perfect red with a blue hue, in my eyes, would bAvon Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance Lipstick in Rouge Luxury. But there are many reds with a cool undertone, you have just got to keep searching. I'm sure I still haven't found my absolute perfect one so it just takes time. If you're willing to go on this search then I say you go girl! :D

White clothes method:
I found this method a bit confusing, but here goes. If you do get confused, watch the video above, it may help. Look and compare if a true white clothing or a off white clothing looks better on you. If off white looks better on you, you have a warm undertone. If true white looks better on you, you have a cool undertone. 
If you are a warm undertone, you would likely have a yellow undertone that gives your skin your golden look. So you shall need to find a red lipstick with an orange undertone to it. From personal experience I know that my lipstick (Ultra Rich Colordisiac lipstick in Rose Addiction) is good for warm undertones, so long as you don't "over apply it". But if the lipstick looks orange/coral like it would work. I did find that Maybelline have a coral/orange lipstick. It is The Popsticks by ColourSensation in Citrus Slice. But once again, choosing a perfect red lipstick is a work in progress, you have to find what you are comfortable wearing. You have to wear the red lipstick, not the red lipstick wearing you. 

Wrist Method:
The last method is the wrist method, and I personally find this one the easiest. Make sure you are outdoors for this as you need natural lighting for this method to work. Look at your wrist and closely at your veins. If the veins look blue, you have a cool undertone. If they are olive it means you have a warm undertone. This i because when yellow is mixed with blue, which is the colour of your veins, it turns green aka olive.

If you cannot tell the colour of your veins and you tend to look good in both gold and silver jewelry, then you have a neutral undertone. You are real lucky because you can wear both warm and cool red lipsticks.

Just one tip, try and keep the rest of your make-up simple, especially eye make-up, when wearing red lipstick as you are playing up your lips, so leave the rest of your make-up understated.

I hope these tips have helped, they are not my tips, they are just what I have learnt and I wanted to share with you guys. Good luck on your journey to finding your perfect red lipstick, remember a red lip never dates, it is always in!

Thank you for reading. The post straight after this will be on the perfect way to apply red lipstick. It may sound basic, but many people do not know these tips. I know this from personal experience. So hope you would check that post out too! Bye guys xxx

Friday, November 09, 2012

Musical Moments...

In today's music I couldn't think of a specific artist, single or cover artist to talk about so I thought I will talk about my own "music experience" if it can even be called that.
Yesterday, Thursday 8th, I had a singing class after school with the music teacher and a singing voice coach who trains school choirs, she helps us too. I've been doing this for a few weeks now. But I find it kind of awkward. Why is that you may be thinking? I am the oldest one there! The group varies from pupils from years 7-11 but I'm the only one from year 11 there so it's kind of weird. But I am loving it because there is so much variety of voices. I have been told I have a more high pitched voice and I have realised that myself over the years. So I love the fact that there are a lot of girls who have deeper voices like my little sister and her friends. It feels so good that I can sing well with the variety of the voices. Also there are a few girls who sing high pitched like me. Best thing ever! I used to feel so uncomfortable because I thought I might the only one, but very obviously I am not, so yay. You may have seen that I have been saying "girls" and that's because there really is only girls there which isn't the best. It would be good to have boys too, the blend of the voices would be awesome. But either way I joined to help with my range, to learn to sing deeper the correct way without hurting myself and also to sing high, how I already do, but without straining my voice which is what I sometimes tend to do and it really hurt the diaphragm, I mean I can feel the pain. I know that it's not good that I'm straining my voice isn't good because it can ruin the voice and damage the diaphragm. This is why I decided to attend this. Plus in college I want to do Musical Theatre and they are going to expect me to have attended something and since I do need "extra-curricular activities" I decided I should do something I enjoy and help me with my college choices. 
So instead of going on and on I think I should get to the point lol. Well firstly we start of with vocal warm-ups. I wish I could insert them in, but if anyone who is from Saltley School is reading this, follow the steps below to reach them. If you are not, you may skip these steps. An up-side is that you can always find vocal warm-ups on YouTube!
Saltley Readers look below:
  • Log into the Frog thing
  • On the right hand side where it says "Classsroom" click on the button that says "Subjects" 
  • Then click on "Music"
  • Then you will see a title that says "Saltley Singers" underneath that are voice clips of some of the vocal warm-ups we do in the class
Hope that helps up there. You should really do these warm-up before singing as it will relax your voice, stop you from putting any unneccisary stress on your vocal chords, reduce or removes the cracks and  breaks between registers, makes it easier to reach the extremes of your voice and on a long term basis will strengthen your singing voice. 
So after we did this, this week we went over the following songs:

  • Sing - Military Wives and Gary Barlow
  • Read All About It Part 3 - Emeli Sande
  • Hall of Fame - The Script ft
  • Happy Ending - Mika
I can't remember any others but I was pretty pleased with the song choice because there was low and HIGH bits! I made sure my voice was heard, just I excel my voice out or what. One of my friends came in to wait for her sister who was in the class, and she said she loved it because she could hear my really high bits.

Anyways I just wanted something to talk about for the music post so I did this. I hope you've enjoyed reading. Talk to you soon guys! x

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Fall/Winter Must Haves 2012....

See! I told you guys, I always keep promises. I've been waiting to do this post for a few days, but with the exams, that was kind of impossible. Since tomorrow is the last one, I shall do this post now.
Fashion time! I thought I would start of the fashion posts with "Fall and Winter must haves for this year" but of course, these don't have to apply just to 2012, maybe in the future too. I don't tend to follow the trends hugely because I really can't be bothered and afford to change my entire closet every season. Trends are always coming an going and I feel if you have just one or two pieces it's enough. I have a really weird "style". I'm very much a "dress and leggings" type of girl. But now that it's winter I feel I need to upgrade to something more warmer? more winter acceptable? Either way here are things I feel are my clothing must haves. Some of these I may already have (I will state that) and others are on my wish list.

  1.  Over-sized/Boyfriend Cardigan (Picture will be below) - I got to admit to admit the price for the cardigan I want isn't the most reasonable and whether I will buy it or not isn't confirmed but it is on my wish list. This exact cardigan is £45 from RiverIsland. I found it online on their website, it's exact name is "Cream Aztec Strip Cardigan". I really love big over-sized cardigans but for some reason I can never find any that I like. I really love the Aztec print on this particular cardigan and if I was to purchase it I would buy a size 12-16 as that would be 2 to 3 sizes bigger than my size, therefore creating the perfect over-sized cardigan with the best print ever! I have got a boyfriend cardigan, not that it can be classed as one but here is the story. My mom had a beige coloured cardigan from Primark and it's a size 16. Since I'm a size 8 it was huge on me, but my friends loved it because they thought it was a boyfriend cardigan. Then my mother had to go along and put it in the tumble-dryer  and it shrunk to the perfect fit, which is not what I want. I do still wear it a lot though. I'm actually wearing it right now. Anyways over-sized cardigans are a must, whether an actual over-sized cardigan or a few sized bigger than your actual size, it is an essential for anyone who has a very cold winter, like myself here in the UK. It's just so comfy to cuddle up on the sofa on a cold evening with your over-sized cardigan.
  2. A good pair of jeans - Now this is gonna sound really weird, but I really hate jeans. I can't stand them. I only have 1 pair of jeans in my wardrobe, red skinny jeans and I've only wore them once. I feel really uncomfortable in them, it's like they stick to me. I'm not going to even complain saying I'm fat and that's why I feel suffocated in them. But since it's getting cold, I'm going to either be cold or be uncomfortable. And I have decided I don't want to be cold. I've decided I wanted to invest in chinos or boyfriend jeans. From what I've heard they would be good for someone like me. I really like the ones from RiverIsland, which is beige, and kind of looks like a pair of chinos I already have. The price is reasonable this time, for £15 the "Beige Organic Boyfriend Jeans" seem really cool. I also saw a pair on the NewLook website called "Blue Denim Placket Front Boyfriend Fit Jeans" for £24.99. I feel that is pretty reasonable for a pair of jeans. I really thinks jeans are essential all the time, but especially in fall/winter as it's easier to stay warm in jeans compared to tights or leggings.
  3. Leather Jacket - This is a definite for me especially. Leather jackets just add a whole load of edge to an outfit, but it can make or break your outfit, so you have to be careful what you pair it with. Personally I used to have a leather jacket but it got small for me so I do need a new one, haven't found one I like though. But as I mentioned above I usually wear dresses and leggings. So I would pair the leather jacket with black leggings, a floral print dress and cute boots. I think that would work, well for me it does. I really love the stud detail in NewLook's "Parsian Black Quilted PU Stud Collar Biker Jacket" is a good one only downfall, the price is not in my budget as it is for £49.99 which is pretty expensive, but then again for a leather jacket, I guess that would be reasonable. 
  4. Beanie - I love beanies for winter but not your typical beanies I love ones that are very loose and hang off your head. I love deep colours such as purple, black, navy etc so the fact that plum is very in this season. So yay!! I found some on RiverIsland. There are so many choices but to stay "on trend" I decided to share a plum coloured beanie. The picture will be at the bottom of this post but it's called "Dark Purple Basket Weave Beanie", which is for £13. I think that is a little high for a hat but I couldn't find any other ones I liked, and I couldn't remember any on the top of my head. But i think this is essential, not only do they look good, they keep your ears warm on those winter days! 
  5. My last must have is going to Uggs/Boots. I love boots, i practically wear them all year round. But in fall and winter I sometimes like to switch them up for Uggs. I have got a pair of black Uggs and I wore them all winter last year and kind of wore them out. I don't remember the exact shop I got them from, but I got them for around £20 price region. I don't think the price was bad for how long they lasted. I may wear them again to be honest because I loved them that much. They were so comfortable. I love ankle boots but would never buy a a pair of boots with heels because I'm pretty tall so I feel weird in heels lol. But I do like ankle boots especially NewLook's Black Shearling Cuff Double Buckle Ankle Boots for £24.99. I think I would get these boots, they are my style, just the way I like it. The pop of fur on the cuff is really nice and the rest of the boot is like faux leather or something like that and that means it's waterproof, good!! I feel boots are essential as they go with anything and everything, jeans, leggings, trousers, shorts, skirts, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! 
Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope this gave you an insight into my style and ideas for yourself. Bye guys, talk to you soon x
Look below for all the pictures:

Cream Aztec Stripe Cardigan - RiverIsland - £45

Beige Organic Boyfriend Jeans - RiverIsland - £15

Blue (Blue) Blue Denim Placket Front Boyfriend Fit Jeans | 265986340 | New LookBlue Denim Placket Front Boyfriend Fit Jeans - NewLook - £24.99

Black (Black) Parisian Black Studded Biker Jacket  | 269574101 | New LookParsian Black Quilted PU Stud Collar Biker Jacket-NewLook - £49.99

Dark Purple Basket Weave Beanie - RiverIsland - £13

Black (Black) Black Shearling Cuff Double Buckle Ankle Boots | 261017401 | New LookBlack Shearling Cuff Double Buckle Ankle Boots - NewLook - £24.99

Exam Stress....

We all have exams to do at some point during school life and I've had two so far this week. I had a Maths one on Tuesday and a Science exam today. Just in case you're wondering, this is why I haven't posted anything new in the past 2 days. I know I promised a fashion post and I shall have it up shortly after this post. I always keep my promises, so don't worry. Anyways back to the exams, on Tuesday I was really scared because I'm real bad at Maths. But when I did the paper, I did just over half of the questions, and they were related to everything I know. I was so happy and felt confident. Until I heard people, who are much more cleverer than me in Maths, saying they found it really hard. Hmm, could this mean I did things wrongs and that's why I found it easy lol
Either way, I have another chance in summer to get a C grade.
There was a picture I so wanted to insert in this post to show you guys, but I can't find it. Anyways never mind, if I find it later I might just put it in.
Today was the Science exam, I was confident in myself as I knew I had revised a lot for this exam. And since I found Maths, my worst subject, easy I thought Science, my best subject would be alright too. I was very obviously wrong. When I saw the paper I was like this:
I felt like Homer Simpson. No lie. I had no idea about anything on that paper. Things I'd revised weren't on there. Luckily enough, the two 6mark questions, were based on stuff I did revise So hopefully they should help increase my overall grade for that Chemistry paper.
Other than that, all I've got to say if you revise your stuff, you really will succeed. Hopefully, it will work like that in my case. I've got another Maths exam tomorrow, it's a calculator paper, so it should be easier.

A few tips with exams:

  • Stay calm, take deep breaths, if you don't know an answer, leave it and come back to it at the end, but never leave a question blank, always come back to it. If you do fill it in, you could gain marks, even if it is a fluke.
  • Revise as much as you can. This does not mean a night before the exam. I started 4 weeks in advance, but if I could change anything, I would've started much sooner.
  • Do not stay up all night revising, you need at least 8 hours of sleep. This is necessary generally for good health. But on the night before a exam, it is a must. I have to admit, I did only have roughly 6-7 hours of sleep, which could have been a cause of me being so tired during the exam.
  • Lastly do not over-revise. This can happen, which can cause you to forget important facts and get a lower grade than expected. It does happen. It happened with my best friend, who revised a whole load more than me, but when we got the results, she got lower than me. I was really sad for her, but this time she improved her revision techniques and has revised just a substantial amount.
That's all for this exam post. I hope this will help anyone with exams this week or in the near future. I have another exam tomorrow so I shall go over last minute little factoids I think I should know. But maybe before that I'll do the fashion post. I'll see. Talk to you soon, bye guys.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Taylor Swift's Latest Album....

I know this may be a bit late but lately I have been really loving Taylor's newest album, Red, which is her 4th studio album. 

I got to admit the reason I first fell in love with her music was the fact it was country and it had that kind of sound to it that drew me in. So when I discovered that this new album is pop, I was a little disappointed but then I listened to the album preview on iTunes and did I die or what. It was surreal. The lyrics really touched me and it still had a touch of the Taylor Swift style that I liked, which was that I related with the songs. So for anyone who hasn't listened to the album, below is a track-list:
  1. State of Grace
  2. Red
  3. Treacherous 
  4. I Knew You Were Trouble
  5. All Too Well
  6. 22
  7. I Almost Do
  8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  9. Stay Stay Stay
  10. The Last Time
  11. Holy Ground
  12. Sad Beautiful Tragic
  13. The Lucky One
  14. Everything has changed
  15. Starlight
  16. Begin Again
The album can be bought on iTunes but if like me you're parents are not willing to pay for it lol then slowly the audio files of the singles are being uploaded onto Taylor Swift's Channel (Link will be at the bottom of post). 
My favorite song was "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" but eventually I got so addicted to it that  song that I felt I had to move onto another song and now my favorites are "Begin Again", "Red" and "22". I don't really know what it is about these particular but I dig on their message quite strongly.

Other than that, I don't think I've got much else to say because they was really on positive things about the album which I think I have touched on. So I think that wraps up today's music post. 

Let me know your opinions on the album if you have heard it. What do you feel? Do you like the touch of pop Taylor Swift has added, like I do? Or do you think differently to me and like her country music better? Whatever it is, let me know in the comments below. And if you liked this post and the others, remember to follow the blog to stay updated. Bye guys, I'll talk to you again tomorrow, maybe a fashion post this time!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Miracle Workers...

Hey everyone, sorry for such a "late at night" blog post, but I was busy with school stuff during the day. But anyways that aside, today's post is a beauty post, yay!! I recently bought a few products from Avon and two of them are hair products that I shall be reviewing today.

The first product is the Advance Techniques Damage Repair Reconstructive Mask. This product had been in several of the previous brochures, but this time it captured my eyes. Lately my hair had been very dry. I will admit I guess I am to blame for that. I have been straightening and curling my hair a lot this past month.

This product was formulated to help strengthen hair, repair damaged hair and guard against heat styling damage. And according to their website 89% of their customers said they would recommend it to a friend. Now I totally understand why someone would recommend it because I already have told my friends about it. 
You are given directions to apply it evenly to the hair and leave in for 1-3 minutes and 5-10 minutes for more damaged hair. I was about to have a bath so I put it into my hair and put a shower cap on. After that I had my bath which may have taken roughly 4 minutes, I took the cap off and washed my hair thoroughly. Instantly my hair started feeling soft. I was extremely impressed by this as previous hair masks hadn't worked this good.
The good thing about it is that the price is very reasonable, £3.55 and for 150ml I think that's a very good price. If compared to the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque, which I find to be too expensive to buy, this mask is very good as I think it has given similar results The only downside is that the newest brochure I have received just this week, mentions that it will be in the brochure for the last time so I think I may buy two and stock up and after that I may try a different hair mask from the range. 
Though I have only used this once, my overall experience has been fantastic and I really recommend for anyone who is able to buy Avon products, you should definitely purchase it. But if you cannot purchase it from the brochure, like I won't be able to next month, I think you can buy it online too.< Here's the link to the UK Avon site, where you can find this product.

The second product I will be reviewing is the Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argon Oil Leave-in Treatment. This was actually the first time I had seen this product in the Avon brochure. It may have been there before but I'm not really sure. Either way, I was really excited to try this as I already knew Moroccan Oil is really nourishing for the hair.

The box this product came in stated that the exotic blend, which contains rare Moroccan argon oil, absorbs into the hair instantly. It infuses hair with moisture and shine. Helps nourish and smooth dry, damaged, fragile hair to leave it looking softer, stronger, healthier, and irresistibly touchable. On Avon's UK website, it mentions that 93% of the customers would recommend it to friends. Once again, this is a product I told all my friends about, the product was just too good not to tell people. The directions said that you should dispense the product into the palms of your hands and distribute it evenly through towel-dried or damp hair. I had my hair wrapped up in a towel for 10 minutes after I used the hair mask. So I did exactly what the directions said, and let my hair air dry. I don't like to use a blow-dryer as I feel my hair is already damaged enough as it is, so I just let it air dry. As it was drying my hair began feeling soft. I could feel and see the results instantly. The next morning, I straightened my hair before going school and squired a little more into my hand and distributed it into the ends of my hair and any product that was left over, I put throughout the rest of my hair. By then, my hair was extremely soft even a few of my friends noticed it in school. But by the end of the day, my hair began feeling a little greasy. My hair naturally gets greasy after two days of washing it but it seemed to quick to get greasy. Eventually I realized that the reason for this was the extra product I put in my hair that morning. So one recommendation would be to keep an eye on the amount of the product you put into your hair. The price for this was slightly higher than the mask, as it was £5.50 but I think that was still reasonable for the results it gave. Once again I really do recommend this product and you can buy it from the website if you are not able to get a brochure from a representative.

For both these products I give 4/5 stars, as they both have their pros and cons, yet I still would recommend it to anyone with dry or damaged hair.

Also although these products worked on me, they may not work on you as we are all different, so please keep that in mind if you decide on buying these products. 

If you have ever tried these products or want to purchase them let me know what you're opinions are in the comments!

Thank you for reading this review, and I'll talk to you guys tomorrow. Still need to decide what it will be about, music related or more beauty related. Hmm I'll see what my mind conjures up! Goodnight world :) 

Friday, November 02, 2012

Have you heard of them?

I decided to start my blog off with a music related post. Luckily enough, just 2 hours before I started writing this post, I discovered a new Swedish boy group called One2Five who do covers of different songs. I personally think they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! But check them out and let me know what you think. They haven't really done many covers, 5/6 only. But they explained on their Facebook fan-page that the reason for this is that they are planning something huge and want it to be perfect for the 125ers (name for their fans). So I'm very very excited, I can't wait for a new cover. I'm sure they will sound awesome! Look at the picture below, that's them.
(From left to right) Samuel, Simon, Johan, Adam and Michael

Well you may have figured out by now that I love them and their talent as a group. So why not check them out yourselves. Here's a link to their YouTube channel: < Click it and tell me what you think in the comment section below.

I have also discovered, whilst writing this, two of the boys own channels where they do covers too!
So have a look at them too if you like: < That's Samuel's channel and then Adam has one too:

That's it for today's music post. I shall catch up with you guys tomorrow.

Update @11.42pm I forgot to mention that I have literally been listening to the covers on all three of the channels ever since I found them. Does that mean I'm getting addicted to them? Ha-ha, doesn't matter, they are really good that I think anyone will be addicted! :D
Their last cover was done in October and it was a cover of Taylor Swift-We are never ever getting back together. Check it out below:

Now I can can saw for definite, good night, good afternoon, good morning, wherever you are, and I'll talk with you guys tomorrow :D